The holidays are right around the corner and this means your window for finding amazing holiday gifts is narrowing by the day. Finding the perfect gift is your priority, and this year alpaca sweaters are the popular must-have items of apparel. When shopping for this hot item make sure to buy alpaca sweaters from a company that sources them from Peru to ensure authenticity and the highest quality. Whether you are shopping for a man, woman or children Peruvian alpaca sweaters will delight anyone. Here are five reasons why.

1- Alpaca is High Fashion

Cashmere used to be the material of choice for winter lines, but today high-end fashion labels like Prada and Burberry are sourcing Peruvian alpaca to make sweaters, shawls, scarves, gloves, and jackets. If the special person you are shopping for places an emphasis on luxury quality for apparel, then a handmade alpaca sweater will delight!

2- Alpaca is Eco-Friendly

Alpaca is one of the most environmentally friendly sources for apparel. From small things that matter such as the fact their hooves are softly padded meaning their environmental impact is reduced, to larger factors such as the fact that farming alpaca doesnโ€™t require harsh chemicals, the product is loved by green hearts. Alpacas also produce more fleece than sheep and cashmere goats and their eating and drinking habits are more beneficial for Mother Nature. Finally. Alpaca is ideally suited for the frigid conditions of the Peruvian Andes and they are not harmed during the shearing process. Finally, the native people who farm them have been doing so for hundreds of years and caring for them is a large part of their cultural identity. This means the alpaca are treated with love, extra care, and they are not simply viewed as a source of income and sustainability.

3- Alpaca is Higher Quality than Cashmere

When it comes down to durability and touch, alpaca sweaters blow cashmere out of the water. When compared to cashmere and merino wool, alpaca is stronger, lighter, warmer and softer. It also wonโ€™t shrink or stretch when cared for correctly. Alpaca is also hypoallergenic and has water-resistant properties. Because alpaca absorbs very little humidity from weather and it is thermally insulating it is ideal for fall and winter wear.

4- More Color Options

Alpaca sweaters have more natural colors than any other natural fiber. Wish cashmere you almost always get a product that has been dyed but when buying alpaca sweaters for those who want a natural color there is a rainbow of options from burnt orange to bluish grays.

5- Alpaca is More Affordable

When comparing the cost of relative alpaca and cashmere apparel items, alpaca is roughly 40% lower in cost on average. If you want to give someone a high-quality coat or sweater for the holidays while being kind to your wallet, alpaca is by far the greater investment because you get a more durable garment that is both luxurious to the touch and affordable.

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