A chauffeur is hard to spell, that’s how you know it’s fancy.

Perhaps you drink tea, accompanied by savories and crumpets, before evening supper. Or maybe you’re bound to the backseat for medical, philosophical, or psychological means. Maybe you’re just looking to get a driver because what’s cooler than rolling up with a driver?

It doesn’t matter which estate or ‘hood you grew up in, hiring a chauffeur is all the same. They need to have the same gusto.

These are the five qualities you should look for in your next, or first, driver.

1. Professionalism

First thing’s first: you need a professional.

You shouldn’t look for any schlep that’s been driving for Uber for the last half-decade. He or she needs a certain spice. That spice is usually a suit.

Their record – both criminal and driving – need to be clean. You don’t want a reckless driver behind the wheel of a vehicle carrying precious cargo – you. And having a hooligan driver would be even worse.

Proper screening is a must.

2. Hiring a Chauffeur That’s on Time

What’s the point of going somewhere important if you’ve missed it?

Punctuality, like you’re driving yourself, says a lot about a person.

A driver must be on time. More importantly, they should be punctual even with flexible hours. Chauffeurs that can’t make it on time to pick you up from your unscheduled lunch shouldn’t be your driver.

Of course, a driver can’t be omniscient or even omnipresent. They’ll need to know ahead of time when and where to be. If it’s feasible for them to be there on time, they should be.

Punctuality’s a hard prerequisite characteristic. Check if they’re on time for your interview, in-person or on the phone.

3. A Safe Driver

Chauffeurs need to be safe. They need to be able to get their appointment on time, but they need to get there safely.

A driver should be able to pass a simple driving test and know the ins and outs of the road laws. They should follow regular safety precautions when driving and preparing your ride.

4. Well Dressed

This falls under professionalism, but it can’t be stressed enough. A driver should not show up in khakis and a mustard-stained tee.

That’s grounds for dismissal.

A chauffeur, even if they’re not going to a wedding, should be well dressed. When they’re in the driver’s seat, they represent you. Luxury transportation needs a luxurious driver.

5. Great Communication Skills

A driver needs to communicate properly where they’re going. They also need to take impromptu instructions from their VIP. Routes change, they should adapt and comprehend that.

As campy as it sounds, they should also know when to or not to speak. If you and guests are talking among yourselves, they should know if it’s time to make chitchat.

Perhaps you need some talking when you’re down, they should pick up on cues.

It’s their job to make the ride comfortable, not uncomfortable.

Buckle Up

Hiring a chauffeur is like hiring someone in between an employee and a friend. It’s an intimate experience, but it’s also a serious commitment.

They should satisfy 5 qualities if they’re to drive you: be professional, have punctuality, be a safe driver, well-dressed, and great at communicating.

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