There’s nothing greater than the thrill of exploring remote country tracks in your 4WD. It’s just you and the terrain, an incredible adventure across rugged hills, sand dunes, and mud. Here are the top waterfalls in Iceland to visit on your road trip.

That is, until you get bogged in the ground.

Don’t get caught out without the proper off-road gear before you set off 4WDing.

Read on to learn just what you need to ensure a safe adventure when you go off-roading

1. A Tire Inflator and Deflator Kit is Essential Off-Road Gear

One thing you should not leave home without is an inflator and deflator kit for your tires. Driving on sand is one of the best ways to have fun with your 4WD. Vehicle tires should be slightly deflated on sand. This helps with traction and prevents the vehicle from sinking into the soft sandy ground.

After you’re off the sand, you’ll need to inflate the tires again. A tire inflator and deflator kit is essential for making sure your tires are properly filled. Make sure your kit also comes with a pressure gauge for proper measurement.

2. Jack

A powerful jack that is designed for use with 4×4 vehicles is a must-have when off-roading. It is vital for safely changing a tire or performing maintenance on the vehicle.

There are a number of different types of jacks, so make sure you have the right kind for the job. Also try to always use your jack when the car is on stable ground, for the safety of both you and your vehicle.

3. First-Aid Kit

When you’re 4WDing in remote parts of the country, you should be prepared for anything to happen. Especially if you’re far away from medical facilities, a first-aid kit should be mandatory for any road trip.

Ensure you’re prepared with basics such as antiseptic, bandages, splints, aloe for burns, and over the counter medications. It’s one of the four-wheeler accessories that might be easy to forget, so take care to ensure yours is well-stocked and full of products that are within their use-by dates.

4. Recovery Tracks

As drivers know, getting bogged down in your vehicle can be extremely frustrating, especially if you don’t have anyone around to help.

Invest in a set of recovery tracks to help with this. If you get stuck, these firm tracks can be laid in front of the tires, giving your 4WD tires a firm service with traction to drive up and over the difficult terrain.

Toyota fans looking for more useful gear should look for these great Tacoma accessories for their next trip.

5. Shovel

Having a shovel in your vehicle is really useful. It can help dig out the car if you’re stuck in a ditch, clear an area of ground for your tent, or it can be useful when building a fire.

When looking for an off-road shovel, make sure you select one that is strong enough to really be useful, especially when it comes to using the shovel to free stuck tires.

Get Started

Whether you’re a new or seasoned 4WDer, make sure your car has all the needed off-road gear before you go off the grid. 4×4 driving is a huge adrenaline rush and a great way to travel, so enjoy it with the confidence of knowing you and your vehicle are prepared for any situation.

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