Incredibly, almost 70% of the United States populations use a smartphone. They help us stay in touch with friends and family across the globe, but also help us manage our bank accounts and pay for store purchases.

Even though a smartphone is powerful all on its own, additional accessories can open even other opportunities.

Wondering what phone gadgets you should invest in? Keep reading for our list of the top five you should totally check out!

1. Portable Charger

Have you ever been out using your phone for something important like GPS and it dies? To avoid this dilemma make sure you always have a portable charger. More if you really want to be safe!

Shop around for one that will have enough power to charge your phone. This way you will never be left with an unexpected dead phone again!

Having a spare charger is also helpful if you make use of your phone in the classroom.

2. Phone Grip

We use our phone for everything, but sometimes holding it can be problematic. How many of us have accidentally dropped our phones and damaged it?

One way to remedy this is to invest in a phone grip. While these will keep the phone safely in your hand, it will also make it much more comfortable as you surf the web or scroll through your Instagram feed.

3. Car Mount

Texting and driving is a BIG no-no, but often we use our smartphones in the car for GPS. Getting a car mount is one of the most useful phone gadgets you can buy.

Find one that will securely hold your phone in a safe location. You do not want to have to take your eyes off the road to see what it says.

4. Workout Holder

As more and more fitness apps come on the market, phones need to be easily accessed during workouts. To ensure your trust tech company is close by, you need to shop around for an armband or other wearable phone holders.

An armband will keep your phone handy so you can check your workout progress or change your music. You can even shop around for one that will match your favorite workout outfit.

5. Selfie Stick

We all love to document our lives in pictures. Sometimes though, we don’t have someone to get that perfect shot. The answer? A selfie stick!

Depending on the model, it may need to be plugged in or it may operate via Bluetooth. If you choose a Bluetooth model, pay attention to the battery life capabilities.

Shop for Phone Gadgets Now

Obviously, there are many other gadgets you can check out for phone, but the ones mentioned here are a great start! With any one of these, you will start to appreciate your phone even more.

Want to check out another useful accessory? Read up on this software that helps backup and recover all your information.

Which one are you going to buy first? Let us know in the comments!


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