1. Thanda Island, Tanzania
5 of the Most Relaxing Getaways on Earth

Thanda Island, situated off the coast of East Africa, is a luxury private island surrounded by sparkling warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches are surrounded by white sands and green grass. An uninhabited tropical island that once was a dream turned into a reality, the Island is small and private making it just the place to relax in. Thanda Island is the perfect choice if you are looking for a private island where you can either have a holiday for a large family or a group of friends who want to get away from it all and leave the hustle and bustle behind, or for two newlyweds on honeymoon wanting a private secluded sanctuary to call their own for a few days to get away and create memories together. The island is off the coast of Tanzania positioned in your very own marine reserve – you could say itโ€™s like swimming in a large fish tank; with sea turtles, whale shark, dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish of the most dazzling of colours, dugongs and coral reefs! Sounds like a pure paradise, and it certainly is.

2. Scarborough, South Africa

5 of the Most Relaxing Getaways on Earth

Scarborough in the Western Cape is a quaint seaside village surrounded by natural unspoilt beauty, gorgeous mountains and long stretches of white sand beaches with sparkling blue waters. Scarborough accommodation is perfect for those who want to be close to the ocean, and away from the chaos of the city centre. It is the ideal hideaway for those looking to kick back and relax. The beaches never seem to get overcrowded and the streets are very often quiet. This is just some of the reasons why people love to visit. For families, there is plenty outdoorsy things to do. For young children there are stunning rock pools filled with sea urchins and surfing can be enjoyed by the older ones. Otherwise spending time playing on the beach is more than enough to have a great time. The Cape Point National Park that is close by is also well worth a visit.

3. Crete, Greece

5 of the Most Relaxing Getaways on Earth

Crete has magnificent beaches, beautiful landscapes, peaceful villages and plenty of landmarks. There is no wonder why itโ€™s one of the favourites. But even so, it is still relaxing and quiet. In the villages the locals love to share their traditions of tasty colourful foods and generous amounts of hospitality and kindness. Crete is a paradise of excitement for those who love nature, hiking and those seeking the thrill of adventure. Crete is rich in history and beauty. If you are into outdoor activities, Crete is the perfect destination as they have various activities such as: canyon hiking and off road 4×4-ing on the dirt roads, scuba diving and many more.



4. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Relaxing Getaways


Atlas Mountains in Morocco is a mountain range in the Northwest Africa, if you are the adventurous type and hiking is your passion and your way of relaxing then this is your dream holiday come true. The world is full of mountain ranges but only a few will capture you heart like these do. Hiking up and once reaching the top of High Atlas Mountain you can look out as far as the eye can see and there you will have the Mountain ranges of Morocco in sight, the scenery before you will take your breath away. It is a beautiful area which is famous for its striking rivers, gorgeous mountains views and deep gorges and lush green landscapes. The area, the village people, the history, the mountain ranges will creep deep into your heart and stay there forever. ย 

5. Cotswolds, English Countryside

5 of the Most Relaxing Getaways on Earth

The Cotswolds is an English Countryside that has beautiful rich green landscapes, farmlands, woodlands and quaint villages. Some of the villages which make up the Cotswolds, were built as early as the 13th century, giving visitors they feeling they have gone back in time. The buildings have been beautifully maintained and ooze charm! Cotswolds beauty and splendor is best appreciated on foot as this way you will not miss a thing. Cotswolds offers footpaths of approximately 3,000 miles to the public. The right of way will allow you to walk through woodlands, countryside, farm fields and wildlife preserves, making it a paradise for any walker. This is one of the most peaceful regions of the UK. Expect to wake to the sound of sheep in the distance and the quacking of ducks in a place that looks like a painting come to life.

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