Is your business still in the Dark Ages?

Doing things the old fashioned way still sometimes has its benefits. Writing a thank you note to a client instead of an email adds a quaint, personal touch. 

But if the technology you’re using is out of date, your company will be left behind. Why resist these advancements? They will only make you and your employees’ jobs easier and more efficient. 

If you’re hoping to stay ahead of the curve in 2019, you need to start taking these 5 technologies for business seriously.

1. Remote Conference Rooms 

Allowing employees to work from home has become a popular business practice. There is less of a need for people to be in the office to get their work done. One reason for this is the remote conference room. 

Now, you can attend business meetings while you stay in your living room. 

Conference call services have become even more effective than ever before. There are free services that allow you to make an instant conference call without setting up an appointment. You can even have an unlimited amount of callers! 

2. Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is at the forefront of entertainment. AR is revolutionizing the film and gaming industries. But did you know you can also use it in your business?

Using this technology can up your game in client presentations. Augmented reality can bring your products and ideas to life. With just a headset, people can actually see a realistic, 360-degree view of what your business can offer. 

3. Cloud Computing 

You probably have a Cloud account that holds on to data from your phone, tablet, and computer. But Cloud technology can do so much more than keep all your vacation pictures in one place. 

Cloud computing can make your business more streamlined and efficient. You can easily access company data anywhere. It’s also a lot cheaper and easier than dealing with IT servers. 

4. IoT Devices 

IoT stands for Internet of Things. IoT devices are “smart” machines and they use sensors to collect information. 

These devices can save small businesses money. For example, smart lights that turn off when a room isn’t in use can cut down your electric bill. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

Using artificial intelligence technology doesn’t mean hiring a robot as your employee. Though, that would be pretty convenient. 

Artificial intelligence can actually help you understand your customer base more. Instead of having a human study your consumers’ habits, a computer can do it a lot faster and more accurately. That way you can tailor ads and coupons to their specific interests. 

Technologies for Business: The Takeaway 

For a company to survive, it has to evolve with the times. Implement these 5 technologies for business and watch as your money and client base grow. 

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