Did you know that 14.6 million Americans are self-employed?

Many of these self-employed citizens work from an in-home office. But how do you even begin to set up a home office?

Setting up an office, whether at home or in an external facility, is less daunting than it sounds! As long as you have the basics, you’ll begin to see your office thrive.

Keep reading below to learn 5 office essentials every office space needs!

1. Organizational Tools

If you have a lot of supplies or products to store, you’ll want to invest in storage units. Storage closets are a simple option. Horizontal storage cabinets offer additional office space on the top—perfect for a coffee station!

Many offices store information both digitally and physically. If that’s the case for your office, filing cabinets are also a necessity.

2. Creating Atmosphere: Embellishments

When it comes to office essentials, most lists leave out supplies that can lift the atmosphere of the space. For example, adding plants to your office can improve productivity by up to 15%.

Your office will also need proper lighting, depending on how much natural light your location receives. If the overhead lighting is insufficient, desk lamps can enhance a workspace, especially a home office.

Whiteboards are another office essential—they tie an office together and give you a space to broadcast daily updates to your staff. A big company calendar makes a good sidekick to your whiteboard!

3. Technology

It’s impossible to run a modern office without incorporating a digital element. At the very least, you’ll need a telephone with voicemail capabilities and a fax machine.

Computers are a necessity, as well as any software your work requires. Surge protectors, extension cords, wireless mouses, and more often go hand-in-hand with office computer purchases. To equip your office with the internet, you’ll need a reliable router as well.

4. Classic Office Essentials: Paper Goods and Stationery

Whether you’re compiling a legal office supply list or planning your personal home office, standard stationery is a must. We’re talking about the classics: staplers, scotch tape, paper clips, and binder clips. You may also need a hole-puncher, 3-ring binders, and an arsenal of pens.

You’ll also need file folders, printer paper, notepads, and sticky notes. If you plan on using a lot of paper, you might also need a paper shredder, printers, and a copier.

5. Furniture

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture in an office is a desk. If you are opting for an uber-modern office, you might even opt for a standing desk. If not, you’ll have to invest in some office chairs as well.

If you host several employees, you’ll want a conference table as well. If you do business within the office, you will also have to provide seating for clients. Small coffee tables also make a nice addition in office waiting areas.

Create the Perfect Office

Setting up an office can be overwhelming, but the office essentials listed above will get you up and running, no matter your industry or office size!

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