Are you looking for new must have home gadgets?

From home assistants to robotic vacuum cleaners, there are so many new tech ideas on the market today.

Let us show you the top five home gadgets you need to make your life that much easier in 2018.

1. Google Home

Smart home concepts that offer you the opportunity to talk to your device are no longer just imaginary ideas, non-existent to the human touch.

When you purchase the Google Home unit, you’re simplifying your life by setting up the help of your new home assistant.

Allow your Google Home to tell you what the weather is like outside and command it to dim the lights in your dining room.

Get the most out of your new smart speaker by placing it in your kitchen to talk to every day.

2. Lockitron Keyless Door Lock

Home security should be one of your top priorities.

When you have a family at home to keep safe, why not invest in a keyless door lock to control using an app on your phone? You have all the control at your fingertips from any location.

Forget about carrying around bulky keys because now you can lock and unlock your house by simply using your smartphone.

3. Zing Smart Al Night Light

Designed for every room in your house, the Zing Smart Al Night Light will certainly be a feature in your home you’ll love immediately.

This light plugs directly into your outlet and will light your path as you walk through each hallway in your home.

There are many amazing options included once you purchase the Zing Smart Al Night.

Features include gentle blue light reduction to get you ready for bed and an indicator telling you when an incoming call is coming from your smartphone.

All you need is an Android or iPhone to use this smart home technology.

Let it assist you both during the day and at night. The coolest thing about Zing? It learns your path! The night light will know when to turn on and off depending on where you’re walking in your home.

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Does the thought of cleaning your kitchen and living room drive you crazy? Are you tired of wasting Friday nights cleaning your house instead of grabbing drinks out with friends?

When you invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner, you’re saving yourself time and money.

Get those awful tasks done in no time with smart home technology that’s ready to help you clean your floors with the simple tap of a button on your smartphone.

These small must have home gadgets are exactly what you’ve been waiting for to jumpstart your spring cleaning. Are you thinking about selling your house in the future?

Clean it up with your robotic vacuum cleaner for a spotless visit for all of your potential buyers.

Of course, once you want to sell your home, be sure to list it as one of the latest homes for sale online.

5. Smart Makeup Mirror

A smart makeup mirror will be the perfect gift because it’s listed as one of the top-rated must have home gadgets for your wife on Valentine’s Day.

She can apply her makeup under the light of JUNO, a smart makeup mirror, as it offers complete natural shades for the best application process.

The filtering light is also wonderful for capturing gorgeous selfies all day long.

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