Looking for a job, we are putting our souls into writing a resume. We think through each phrase, verify the proposed data, and select the appropriate font. After such an effort, it is doubly frustrating to hear that most rulers only sketch your composition superficially, allocating not more than seven seconds to it.

The reason consists of a huge number of applications, especially for large companies. In complement to the frenzied competition, numerous texts make mistakes, which significantly reduce the chances of the recipient to enter the list of suitable candidates. Below we give a list of the most common blunders, avoiding which you take a step to success.

Mistake 1 – List Future Expectations, but not Specific Achievements

As a rule, managers do not care much about your plans and dreams. They are not guided by the principle of conventionality, preferring to talk about the implemented project but do not be too extensive to describe your past experience. The CV has limited space for maneuvering.

In order to cope with the task, realistically evaluate your victories and include keywords or industry jargon in the text. The fact is that a lot of firms track applicants through a scanning system. If the computer recognizes the right messages, you can hope for an interview.

Mistake 2 – Grammar and Spelling

Surely, you had a situation when the text on the monitor looks perfect, but in the printed format, literacy suffers. Do not rely on the screen at all, as the eyes get tired faster and do not see elementary misses. Make a paper copy, arm yourself with a red pen, and carefully read the sentence for the offer.

It will be good if you are speaking the text out loud. Some of us feel stupid, but we should get used to our own voice and improve its intonation. This is useful for the interview, and it is not superfluous to acquire a career counselor – such a person will accurately tell the forbidden means to achieve the result.

In the final grades, you will have to listen to a lecture on how to make a resume correctly. The teacher will tell you about the typical font size, the interval, and the number of required paragraphs. You will learn how to register a title and indicate your scientific regalia.

All these pearls of wisdom will be presented in a boring tone mixed with your sighs; in complement to monotony, you cannot bring anything useful. Personnel workers look through thousands of typical papers – try not to let them miss your product. If you think that the borders should be narrowed and the font changed, make innovations.

Mistake 3 – Irrelevant and Unpaid Positions

Each separate position of your brief should demonstrate a certain skill. You do not just participate in the competition concerning who changed places of earnings more often. It is necessary to indicate the qualities that you were able to show during the execution of the assignment.

For instance, if you are applying for a project manager job, focus on such traits as timeliness, punctuality, independence, and organization. It does not matter what kind of activity is associated with their manifestation.

An indication of an inaccurate start and end dates of work gives an impression of the applicant as a person, having a bad memory and carelessly relating to the details. If the information has been forgotten for the prescription, it is enough to check data and reliably report about your practice.

Experienced personnel officers are frequently interested in the reasons for dismissal from previous jobs, so do not hide the reality. If the laborer left the company through deficit prospects for career growth, then it’s ok to write about it than distort the facts, because it will not be difficult to verify the information.

A lot of students hesitate to point out the relevant activities because they did not receive money for it. In their opinion, any work should be paid. If not, then either the duties were performed poorly, or the person simply does not appreciate own time and effort.

Experts agree that volunteering should not be concealed – proudly place a mention of it in the section of experience. Most recruiters do not care about the financial component – they want to realize your potential.

If you competed in swimming competitions for a local club, write about this event. You will make your resume more attractive, and convince the header of your excellent mental and physical form. Finally, you demonstrate the ability to intelligently manage free time, not wasting it.

Mistake 4 – Personal Site

Once you send CV to the chief, your text cannot be changed. If the next morning you win a grant or a prize, your achievements will be unknown to the right persons. That’s why experts make out a personal website.

Its content can be updated at any time; you have unlimited creative freedom in its design, and the Internet space offers a lot of benefits for its creation. If you have some difficulties, contact the professionals.

The URL should be at the top of your resume. Thanks to this information, you give the person the opportunity to stay informed about the latest events of your life. Do not forget to specify it. Make sure that the phone is always charged.

If you are going abroad and will not be available, please provide an e-mail in the abstract and check the mailbox during the holiday. There can be situations in which you cannot answer the employer, say, at a meeting or when talking with a client. This is not critical, because you may always call back. But if the leader calls you three times and hears the operator’s message that you are not available, he will not exactly look for you at the fourth time.

Mistake 5 – Adjust the Resume to the Professional Profile

If you really want to get a job, your text should be a testament to your desire. Adapt the brief and cover letter for each vacancy. Put yourself in the ruler’s place and think about what would attract you in the document.

This procedure will take a lot of time because hundreds of requirements and applications are downloaded daily. To adjust to them is a quite hard work. Experts advise you to use the resume of the wizard, which retains all previous settings and allows you to make adjustments.

Finding the photo for your resume is not also easy – the picture should be designed in a business style, while it must remain human. The manager wants to perceive what you are as a person. Do not take shots in the circle of friends, at a party, on the beach, in open summer clothes, near a historical site, etc. For a resume, do not be lazy and take a photo purposefully.

Employers are focused on persons who are ready to learn new skills, take constructive criticism, share the company’s work ethic, and ask the questions. Such candidates can be quickly trained and get a good outcome.

Thus, you got tips to prevent typical mistakes in your resume but recruiters focus on potential applicants. It’s not enough to write a heartbreaking text – you have to pass an interview and show your desire to become part of the team. Do not be arrogant, it is good to remain modest personalities.

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