The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity. This low-carb, high-fat lifestyle is making waves in the health community for good reason. It eliminates unhealthy things that cause obesity, diabetes, and more.

And you still get to eat those yummy foods like bacon, red meat, and avocados… Yum!

This slimming plan works by limiting your carb intake. It keeps them at a humble 25-35 grams per day, which helps reduce your blood sugar levels. Instead of using for fuel, your body turns to fats.

Decades ago, the sugar industry paid off scientists to associate common health problems with fat consumption. In reality, these issues were stemming from sugar.

And that’s only one reason to consider the cyclical ketogenic diet. Here are others!

1. It Promotes Quick Weight Loss

As long as you surround yourself with these gadgets (an avocado cutter, blender, and others), weight loss is easy. All those empty carbs and that processed sugar need to go.

The keto diet severely reduces your intake of carbs, such as bread, pasta, candy, and soda. These simple sugars serve as a source of fuel. By removing them from your meals, you’ll burn stored fat instead of glucose for energy.

2. It Boosts Brain Function

The brain uses more energy than any other organ. Do you really want its energy source to be unhealthy? Because the obvious result is an unhealthy brain.

Excess sugar impairs cognitive function and self-control. Ever had late-night, guilty cravings? This could be a result of sugar you ate earlier in the day.

Sugar is like a drug. Cut it cold turkey.

3. It Reduces Inflammation

Foods high in sugar or saturated fat cause inflammation in the body. A cyclical keto diet reduces inflammation and offsets its harmful effects.

This eating plan is high in healthy fats that promote health and well-being. Salmon, avocado, tuna, olive oil, nuts, and seeds are just a few examples. Remember, not all fatty foods are bad for you.

4. Decreases Your Sugar Intake

You’ve already learned about the side effects of sugar on your health. So why wouldn’t you want to cut it out?

The keto diet isn’t a dangerous fad that leaves you starved, angry, and with unrealistic goals. Instead, it uses science-backed methods to reduce the bad guys, such as sugar and refined carbs.

5. With the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, You Get to Catch a “Break”

If you’re new to keto, this eating plan allows you to adjust to ketosis at a slower rate. You’re still allowed to load up on carbs twice a week or so.

It’s also convenient for those who want to improve their exercise performance and pump those muscles up.

Are you a strict bodybuilder or a gym goer? A cyclical version of the keto diet makes it easier to get the carbs you need for intense training while staying lean.

Keep Calm and Keto On

Are you wondering how else you can improve your overall health and well-being?

Then check out our article on the top five benefits of enrolling in a nutrition class! And since you’ll be on the cyclical ketogenic diet, you’ll have more energy for it too!

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