Do you dream of working in the field of cosmetology?

When you aspire toward a career doing something you love, it helps to know you’ll never be bored with “the grind” of work.

Still, you’ll need to get that career started by going to cosmetology school.

While it may not be as difficult as medical school, it’s no walk in the park either. In fact, you’ll find yourself sufficiently challenged.

So we’ve got five tips here to make sure that you don’t become the proverbial beauty school drop-out

1. Be Ready for Hard Work

Ask any instructor, graduate, and long-time stylist about one of the greatest challenges they faced and they’ll tell you it was beauty school.

It’s hard work.

Although cosmetology school programs are only one year, there is a lot packed into those twelve months. It can be really intense learning the basics of the industry, getting trained, and then having to pass tests all in the course of a year.

Attending beauty school is a lot like having a full-time job. And if you already HAVE a full-time job, then anticipate you’re not going to have much (if any) free time for a while.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in class learning all about theory and technique or how to build your clientele. When you’re not doing that, you’ll be on the salon floor with customers.

Be sure to block out certain time periods to study each subject. Allot more time to the subjects that require more time and are more challenging for you. This is especially true if you already have a full-time job.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information you’ll be expected to learn and master and attention to detail is crucial.

All of the work will be worth it though.

By the end of that year, you’ll be prepared and qualified to start taking on clients. And when you work really hard at something you love, you’ll appreciate your education even more.

2. Plan to Explore Other Interests

Are you thinking your future lies in hair color and styling?

It’s great to know what you want to do and pursue it. But be prepared to face the challenges from other areas of study.

For many people attending beauty school, makeup is considered one of the most difficult units. It’s a completely different venue than hair color and style and it may really test your patience.

Just remember that the areas of study that aren’t your primary interest will provide opportunities for you to grow. They’ll expand your creativity by teaching you different techniques and approaches.

On a purely practical level, attaining those skills in other areas could be very lucrative later. For example, during the most recent recession, the eyelash extension segment of the beauty industry continues to show growth.

So you never know where that training will come in handy.

3. Get Strength from Instructors and Friends

There’s always more strength and power in unity and collaboration than when we attempt to face challenges alone.

Now that you understand how challenging cosmetology school is, take advantage of the long hours you’ll be spending with other students and instructors to forge some bonds.

Instructors are a great source because they understand the stress you’re up against. After all, they were students once too. They know how challenging it is to find jobs and clients right after graduation.

They’ve not only navigated the professional terrain, but they also have valuable connections in the industry that could prove helpful for you.

In addition, recognize the importance of making connections with your classmates. If you think about it, a big part of your job is going to be about effectively relating to your clients.

You can learn every cosmetological technique known to mankind, but if you’re not able to make your clients feel cared for and important, you’ll be lacking one of the most important aspects of your job.

4. Take Advantage of Other Educational Sources

When you’re in school, you will have countless opportunities to participate in activities outside the scope of the school. So if, for example, you are given the chance to help out at a fashion show, enroll in an external class or conference or work as a model in a salon, take it!

These activities may not seem relevant to the career you’ve chosen, but they’ll help you gain a broader education while building a professional network. Another possibility is that you’ll discover a career path that may be a better fit for you.

So never stop learning. Go to as many education events possible and surround yourself with talented and inspirational people from whom you can learn.

In addition, connecting with a mentor can prove invaluable. It’s not about showing them what you can do to impress them. Rather, learn everything you can from them about the industry and the career you’re hoping to have someday.

And just as with those connections you make with instructors, a mentor could be an amazing resource for networking since he or she will have insider information.

5. Manage Your Finances Wisely

Financing education is always a challenge. This is just as true with cosmetology school as any other educational institution.

Be sure you know what your tuition covers for the school you’re considering. You can learn more when you start filling out the application.

In many cases, the cost of the kit you’ll use is factored into the cost of attendance. But it will supply you with the professional tools you’ll need upon graduation.

Another thing to consider is additional out-of-pocket expenses that will pop up during that year. If you’re able, set aside some savings to account for these.

If that isn’t possible, you can look into educational financing. There may also be scholarships available through third-party sources that can help to lighten your financial load.

Rise to the Challenges of Cosmetology School

Following the above tips won’t make that year of cosmetology school a breeze. But they will help you get the most out of your education.

And education is the key to success. So take it seriously.

In the meantime, keep checking back with us for more great articles that will help you in your chosen industry.

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