Did you know that an ultrasound test is the least harmful medical imaging procedure? Majority of the medical technicians in the United States prefer conducting ultrasounds on their patients before finalizing on a diagnosis or proceeding with treatment.

An ultrasound is an imaging machine test. It uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images in the body.

Ultrasounds capture soft tissue images that an x-ray wouldn’t show without exposing you to harmful ionizing radiation.

There’re various reasons why you may need an ultrasound depending on your situation, diagnosis, medical procedure, and the purpose of the diagnosis.

Here are 5 reasons you may need an ultrasound

1. Detects Abnormalities in the Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system has soft tissues that cannot be examined under an x-ray. Doctors prefer an Ultrasound to detect abnormalities within the female reproductive system.

Fibroid tumors, uterine growths, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and other defects are issues that affect women’s reproductive health.

2. Detects Abnormal Structures Within Body Organs

The ultrasound can access solid organs within the body. This means that it can detect abnormal issues within organs such as the gallbladder, pancreases, prostate, uterus, bladder, kidneys, and ovaries. For more information, check out these posts.

An Ultrasound is used to test for kidney stones, infected gallbladder, and gallstones.

3. Proper Evaluation of the Circulatory System

Vascular ultrasounds are used to check the flow of blood within blood vessels. Ultrasounds can pick up on the images of the soft tissue. This means they can detect vascular abnormalities such as blood clots.

Ultrasounds give a proper evaluation of the circulatory system. Therefore they can identify blockages and abnormal blood flow. This is necessary for the prevention of heart attacks and other related complications.

4. Determines Specific Location of the Tumor (Biopsy Tests)

A biopsy is an examination of a tissue obtained from a living organism. A biopsy test is conducted to determine the presence, cause, and extent of a disease.

Oncologists and surgeons recommend biopsies before operating on a patient who has cancer.

To determine the specific location of the tumor, the patient must have an ultrasound. A 3d ultrasound is recommended for biopsies. It shows images of your body organs in a 3-dimensional format.

In other circumstances, your doctor may want to make a diagnosis and confirm the results. You will have an ultrasound so that your doctor can proceed with proper treatment.

5. During Emergencies

During emergencies, an ultrasound is most appropriate. It is fast and shows images in real time.

Other medical imaging forms such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI will give more detailed images, unlike ultrasounds.

Do you know that the ultrasound machine is mobile and fast compared to the other medical imaging forms? This is why it’s efficient during emergencies.

An Ultrasound will access areas affected by internal bleeding. It can also show blood clots and the presence of fluids in the pericardium and peritoneal cavity.

Ultrasound Is a Safe Procedure

Ultrasounds have less harmful effects compared to other imaging procedures. That’s why they are preferred for pregnancy examinations.

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