Prom is the perfect time to party, play dress-up, and dance with your friends. It’s also an awesome way to celebrate the end of the school year.

But what do you do when the music stops playing and it’s time to go home?

There’s no rule that says you have to break up the party when prom is over. Check out these five awesome and safe ideas to help you plan the perfect prom after party.

1. Skate that Extra Energy Off at the Local Roller Rink

If you still want to bop to the music, plan a fun after-party at your local skating rink. It’s a fun way to keep things going, and the colorful lights add to the 80’s-inspired party atmosphere.

Plus, how fun would it be to come to a roller rink and skate in your tux or dress? Just make sure you let the roller rink know ahead of time that you’re coming so they have enough skates for everyone.

2. Hop on the Party Bus

Think of a party bus as a souped-up, high-end school bus with a lot more bells and whistles. These awesome modes of transport usually include hi-def speakers and lights to keep the party going.

You can book party buses online or research a company near you. Invite your closest friends to join you, and have everyone pitch in a bit toward the cost for an affordable, unforgettable night.

3. Make it All About the Girls

If you have lots of gal pals, how about a girls-only prom after party? Have everyone gather at your house, or get a large hotel suite where you can pamper yourselves and maybe even enjoy a little gossip.

Bust out your favorite chick flicks and fluffy robes, and spend some quality time with your favorite prom date – your BFFs. You can plan a girls’ night anywhere, whether it’s a local spa or just your bedroom.

4. Have a Private Prom After Party

Maybe your prom date is the love of your life, and you just want to spend a little private time together. After prom is over, make plans to go on a romantic date.

You can head out to an elegant dinner, or just pick a late night movie at your local theater. Hanging out with your friends at prom is fun, but sometimes you just want to spend a little extra one-on-one time.

5. Get Competitive with Games

For a truly fun night, have your best pals gather after prom for a little bit of competition. If the weather is nice, consider some backyard games like cornhole or volleyball.

You can ask everyone to bring their favorite board game to mix things up. Make it even more fun by offering an assortment of cool prizes to the winners.

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End

Just because prom is over doesn’t mean you have to end the fun. With these easy, unique prom after party ideas, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

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