Has 2019 got you itching to break out the paint brushes (or at least get contractors in…)?

Well make sure you don’t make any decisions before you’ve consulted our definitive guide to the hottest home decor trends for 2019.

Are you thinking geometric patterns and red furniture? Sorry, that was 2018’s offering. There are new home trends in town, and they’re going to transform your home.

Buckle up, here they come: the 5 best home decor trends for 2019.

1. Velvet Furniture

2019 is going to be the year that velvet furniture really takes off. 

And what’s not to love? It’s luxurious, sumptuous and, dare we say, comfortable! Yes, something that actually feels as well as looks great is on the interior design menu for this year.

Velvet takes well to bold colors. Think deep blues and purples, and can make a great statement piece for a living room.

It works well on a large piece like a couch or armchair, and both softens and refines the environment at the same time.

2. Copper and Brass

OK, they’re not the same. But they’re in the same genre and whichever you choose you are onto a winner for stylish home decor.

We’re talking about accessories and fittings – taps, light fixtures, and handles. Copper and brass tones are hot in 2019 and you can introduce them as simply as changing out existing handles for new copper or brass ones.

Copper and brass should not dominate. They’re accent tones. A few well-chosen touches can bring a room to life and the pair great with bold paint colors.

3. Two Tone Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little tired, then don’t conclude it’s necessarily time for a new kitchen.

Having your existing cabinets repainted is an awesome way to give your home a stylish makeover without blowing the budget.

The key trend for 2019 is two tone. Pick two distinct but complementary shades, such as off-white and gray, and get imaginative.

It can be as simple as lower cabinets gray, top cabinets white – or you can get creative and mix and match, or have certain blocks of cabinets in accent tones.

If you click here you can see more examples of what professional cabinet painting can do for your kitchen!

4. Black Appliances

Remember when it was stainless steel or nothing?

Well, those days are gone. White may be creeping back in, but black appliances are what’s hot for 2019. With a few stainless steel accents thrown in for good measure.

If your dishwasher’s on the fritz, or it’s just time to replace a tired kitchen set, then black is the new, well, black!

5. Art Deco’s Back!

 It’s been nearly 100 years since Art Deco took its place as one of the most distinctive decorating styles of all time. In 2019 Art Deco furniture is firmly back in the spotlight.

You don’t need to change your entire home, but a few accent pieces or a new light fitting can give you that twenties feel.

Whether you tackle the kitchen, living room or the whole house, 2019 home decor trends are warm, inviting and can revitalize your home.

It can be a simple as new brass knobs, repainting cabinets or a whole new look. Whatever you go for, make sure you follow our guide and you’ll be on point.

Click here to learn how to give your home a stylish 2019 makeover. 

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