Are you getting bored of doing the same dinner and a movie date night every weekend?

It’s time to change it up! There are so many fun things you and your love can do this weekend to change the pace.

Weekdays are for routine; the weekend is for trying new things and enjoying your free time together.

If you want to find out the top 5 fun date ideas you need to try, keep reading.

1. Escape Room

If you’ve ever cuddled on the couch watching scary movies, it may be time to take your fear to the next level.

In the Escape Room, you’re locked in a room that can only be unlocked when you complete different challenges and obstacles. If you can’t complete them, you may be greeted by some scary characters or game features.

You could also try playing Escape the Room online from the comfort of your own home. Couples who game together stay together, right?

2. See Some Live Music

If you live in a city with a big stadium, get some nosebleed tickets to see the current headliner. Scalpers usually sell the tickets outside the venue on the night of the concert, so knowing how bad your seats are will be a surprise.

Or, you could see some local live music performed at the neighborhood pub. No matter which you do, you’re getting out of the house and away from your routine.

3. Paint Nite

What could be more fun than drinking together and learning how to paint?

Paint Nites are a great way to express your creativity and try some new wine or beer. The class is led by a professional painter in a very easy-to-follow method.

Everyone is taught to paint the same piece. Even though you both had the same instructions, your paintings will turn out differently. The reveal at the end is half the fun!

4. Pub Trivia

There is nothing more fun than creaming your partner at trivia night. Most pubs will have a trivia night once a month where you can win prizes and enjoy some wine or beer.

You could work together or compete against your partner, whatever your vibe is! All that matters is you learn new things through the trivia, and have fun together.

5. Go Hiking

Getting out of the city and into nature could be just what your relationship has been needing.

There’s something about breathing in fresh air, getting some exercise, and taking in the views with your love. Take this time to really talk on a deeper level and get to know new things about each other.

You could even bring a tent and go camping; discover who’s the more outdoorsy one between you two!

Want More Fun Date Ideas?

Keeping your relationship alive and thriving is easy when you change up your date night routine. Try any of the fun date ideas on this list to change things up and experience new things together.

If you want more ideas for keeping your relationship fresh, being happy, and general wellness advice, check out our blog.

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