For many families, a baby’s baptism is a very special day that they remember forever. If you have been invited to a baptism recently and are wondering what unique baptism gifts you should bring to the occasion, we have you covered.

The Creative and Unique Baptism Gifts for Baby

Keep reading for our list of creative baptism gifts that will please the parents and won’t have you wondering for another second “what should I gift at a baptism?”

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1. Baptism Bracelet

As soon as you receive baptism invitations from the parents of the child you can put in an order for the perfect baptism bracelet. There are different styles you can choose from, from white gold to yellow gold to platinum. Typically baptism bracelets have a tiny cross as well to symbolize the baptism.

Theย prayer braceletย can be given right before the christening ceremony so that it can be worn during the ceremony itself.

2. Baptism Blanket

Why not make the gift extra special by giving the baby getting baptized a personalized baptism baby blanket? This is a gift that can be used over and over for years to come and it will be a great memory every time the parents see it.

We are sure that the baby’s parents will appreciate this gift and so will the baby once they are old enough to understand that it has their own name and baptism date on it.

3. Plate Set

As children get older they love to see their name on anything which is why a personalized plate set with a prayer written around the border of the plate is perfect. They will remember to say grace before eating and they will love the fact that no one else will use their plate.

4. Noah’s Ark Piggy Bank

Because this is a religious ceremony you can find a piggy bank that represents Noah’s ark. Kids love animals and this is a perfect way to gift something that will be used often and represents a very important story in the Bible.

The parents can use it to teach their children important life skills in the future about saving money. Think of this as a gift that will help the baby when they get older learn something that they will carry into their adulthood.

5. Baby’s First Bible Set

There are plenty of options out there for baby’s first Bible. You can opt for a boxed set that has important stories from the Bible or you can choose a whole Bible with the child’s name engraved in it.

Whichever route you take, this will probably be the child’s go-to Bible for years to come.

Which of These Creative Baptism Gifts Do You Like?

Now that we have given you a list of unique baptism gifts ideas – which one will you choose? You might be tempted to buy more than one, and that’s ok. Have fun gift shopping for that special little one for their special day.

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