You’re finally tying the knot with your special someone and looking for wedding venues is the first thing you need to get done. 

A very popular spot to get married in is Florida. Your guests will love your wedding in the sunshine state. 

Keep reading for 5 charming and fun wedding ideas in Florida. 

1. Get Married on the Beach

Obviously, when people think of Florida they think of sunshine and the beach so why not have a gulf beach wedding. Cay Pointe Villa is family owned and operated and the perfect spot for your beach wedding. You can have your own private beach wedding which is very important for Florida. Their beachfront villas are the perfect place to say “I do” and they help to personalize your wedding so it’s unforgettable. 

2. Let Your Guests Dress ‘Cool’

Make sure your guests don’t get overheated in the Florida warm sunshine. You can give them a casual dress code so they aren’t wearing heavy tuxedos and long dresses. A unique twist could be to let your guests dress in fancy beach wear especially if your wedding is on the beach. 

3. Disney Themed Wedding

One of the number one things that people think of when they hear Florida is Disney World. A fun wedding idea would be a Disney themed wedding. You can even have Mickey Mouse officiate your wedding. There are a lot of tiny elements you can add to a classic wedding to give it a Disney twist. One really cute Disney idea would be to title your guest book “Be Our Guest” like from Beauty and the Beast. 

4. Bright Orange and Fuchsia 

Bright orange and fuchsia are two colors that can give your wedding a very tropical feel. Instead of wearing a veil to your wedding you could switch it out for a flower crown. It will be easier to take pictures as well encase it is very windy. Intense bold flowers will give your wedding that tropical feel no matter where you are. You should also think about not wearing high heels because it will be harder to walk on the beach. 

5. Keep Your Guests Happy

Give your guests what they need to stay happy. At the entrance of your wedding, you should have a ‘welcome table’ with all of the essentials. You can give your guests sunscreen, bug spray or even a cozy beach blanket if you have a night wedding. You can even let your guests go barefoot if your wedding is in the sand. Also, make sure to have lots of refreshments for your guests like flavored water and lemonade. 

Memorable Wedding Ideas in Florida

If you’re planning on having your wedding in Florida hopefully you can use this list to do something memorable and unique for your wedding. 

Leave us a comment below on your wedding ideas in Florida. Let us know if you’ve gotten married in Florida and what you’ve done for your guests to never forget your special day. Also, subscribe to our blog for everything Florida related.

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