With 2018 coming to an end, it’s time to look back on some of the best of this year’s tech. You don’t need an iPhone to enjoy the best accessories, Android has a huge range. Most of which are cheaper anyway!

There are over 2 billion Android users in the world. That means there must be a lot of smartphone accessories to go with them.

Are you looking to treat yourself, or considering some future Christmas presents? Here are 5 of the best Android accessories of 2018.

Best Android Smartphone Accessories to Buy

2018 has been the year of amazing flagship (and flagship killers) phones. Everything from the Huawei P20 Pro to the Oneplus 6 has had tech fans excited. They come with great new features and some have put the iPhone to shame.

If you’re a proud Android owner, here are some of the best smartphone accessories to get your hands on.

1. Custom Phone Case

Our smartphones go with us everywhere we go, making them an extension of ourselves. So why not personalize your case to match your style?

While phones are getting more and more robust, you don’t want to risk dropping it. If you’re rocking the latest Samsung Note 9, you’ve spent a lot of money on it. If you’re looking to keep it protected with a custom phone case, click here.

2. Battery Pack

Androids are getting bigger batteries and faster charging. But, a battery pack is still essential to keep in your bag. They ensure that you’re never left without a battery and they’re great ways to top up through the day.

There are lots to choose from and they’ll help give you a lot of extra battery life.

3. Selfie Light

Android cameras are getting better and better (looking at you, Pixel 2). So, of course, that means we’re taking more great selfies! But the most annoying thing is when your look is on point but the lighting isn’t.

Now, you can buy a selfie light which attaches to your phone to make sure you have perfect lighting every time. They have a built-in battery so it won’t use up any of your power and they last for a long time.

4. Camera Lenses

To get your Android photos looking more professional, you could try an app. But apps aren’t always that good and they look too fake and filtered.

But you can pick up lenses for your camera for professional shots every time. From fisheye to wide angle and macro lenses, they can help a lot. They’re super easy to use and all it takes is a few shots to see the difference.

5. Wireless Charger

The past few years we’ve seen wires become eradicated. Wireless charging is very popular so there are lots of wireless chargers to choose from.

If your phone has wireless charging capabilities, invest in a good wireless charger. Some are made for certain models and others are more versatile. The Seneo Wireless Charging Pad is a super slim and powerful charger which will give you power fast.

Best Android Smartphone Accessories for Your Device

These smartphone accessories are the best you can get for your Android. They’ll help you get the most out of your phone and do a lot more. 2018 has been a great year for Android phones and these accessories are sure to make your phone go further.

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