CBD comes in many forms; oils, capsules, gummies, inhalants, and more. CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, and as of 2018, CBD products and industrial hemp are no longer listed as controlled substances under Federal law. That means a new market of thousands of CBD products has become available, and it’s time to clear the air on CBD’s effects. Ladies can benefit from this incredible compound in a number of ways, five of which are listed below. Keep reading to learn just how effective CBD can be at helping to treat certain conditions in women. 

Here are the 5 benefits:

1. Alleviate PMS Symptoms 

Ladies, you already know how inconvenient PMS symptoms can be, and they always seem to appear at the most disruptive times (not that there’s a good time to get them!). Bloating, cramps, mood swings, and even constipation are part of the monthly routine, and it’s as much of a mental battle as a physical one. When these symptoms strike, it’s time to reach for the best CBD gummies for relief. 

CBD is an all-natural compound, and can actually help alleviate Aunt Flo’s painful visits. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is coincidentally linked to many of the symptoms PMS creates. Having mood swings? CBD can actually help alleviate grumpiness and hormonal imbalances, creating a more stable mood during your PMS. PMS causing anxiety? (When doesn’t it?) CBD can help alleviate anxiety and has even been used by those suffering from depression to improve overall mental health. 

CBD can also assist the body in reducing inflammation and bloating, which can alleviate those painful cramps and unblock your digestive system. Imagine Mother Nature’s visits being half as intense as they usually are; wouldn’t that be amazing? With CBD products, it’s possible to alleviate your symptoms for a much more comfortable menstrual cycle. 

2. Healthy Digestion 

Did we mention that CBD can actually help with digestive health? CBD gummies, like the high-quality gummies from Verma Farms, can actually help improve your overall digestive health. CBD can help with indigestion, IBS, and more, depending on the dosage you take and your body’s unique chemistry. Recent studies have found that CBD actually helps improve digestion when introduced to the body, and further research is certain to reveal more great benefits in the future. 

3. Skin and Hair Health

CBD oil can also be used to improve skin and hair health. CBD oils and lotions can be applied directly to the skin or used in conjunction with certain shampoos, conditioners, and other products to give strength, vibrancy, and a healthy sheen to your hair and skin. Anti-aging properties will help shave years off of your facial wrinkles, and anti-stress properties can help alleviate your stress while improving the look and feel of hair and skin. 

CBD can even help improve your sleep patterns, and it’s a proven fact that better sleep means a healthier body overall. Applying CBD lotion or oils to your skin before bed can help melt away the day’s stress and signal to the brain that it’s time for a good night’s rest. Take your beauty regimen to the next level with some awesome CBD products! 

4. Pain Relief 

Perhaps one of the most important and useful benefits of CBD is its ability to help relieve and manage even the severest pain. While THC has long been known to reduce pain in humans, it’s still illegal at the federal level, and those suffering from pain don’t always want the “high” that comes with using THC. Instead, those people choose CBD, which is derived from the same plant as THC, but contains a vastly different chemical structure and provides no “high”. 

CBD can be used to manage everything from basic aches and pains from muscle cramps or injuries to managing arthritis pain and other more serious conditions. While the research is still underway, preliminary results have shown that CBD is quite effective at managing and alleviate pain. From where we now stand, the future of CBD in the pain relief market looks bright. 

Not to mention, as CBD is non-addictive, it can be used to help reduce the number of painkiller-addicted patients. Unfortunately, some patients taking prescription painkillers become addicted to opioids, thus creating further problems. CBD isn’t addictive and is both effective at managing pain and doesn’t seem to have any major side-effects. 

While there is little research to definitively prove that CBD has an effect on cancer-related symptoms, lab rats tested with CBD have been shown to experience a reduction in both tumor size and cancer side-effects. This compound could mean a new era for cancer treatment; managing everything from chemotherapy side-effects to pain, appetite, and even tumors. 

Cancer users have reported a decrease in pain and discomfort, but it’s up to our trusted doctors and scientists to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that CBD does, in fact, reduce or alleviate cancer symptoms. We’re certainly crossing our fingers!

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