There are types of waterjet cutting techniques, namely abrasive and pure waterjet cutting.

What’s their difference?

Abrasive waterjet is used to cut hard materials such as ceramics or metals. The granular abrasive added to the water stream accelerates its power making it easy to cut hard materials. On the other hand, a pure water jet is used when cutting soft materials like paper or foam.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of using waterjet cutting technology:

1. Doesn’t Use Heat

One of the amazing benefits of waterjet cutting technology is its cold cutting quality. What’s cold cutting quality? As the name suggests, cold cutting allows materials to be cut without the use of heat. Therefore, you don’t have to melt, burn or crack the material as you cut it.

This technology is best for cutting heat-sensitive materials such as Glass. This page outlines the key benefits of cutting glass with a waterjet.

Waterjet reduces the costs associated with the thermal destruction of machine parts while reducing the risk of machine failure due to thermal stressing.

Other cutting technologies are likely to cause warping, emission of hazardous gases or surface hardening. Since waterjet machines aren’t exposed to thermal stress, they’re long-lasting.

2. Can Cut Complex Shapes

Does your project involve cutting objects with complex shapes? Waterjet cutting technology makes possible to cut complex materials into any shape.

Does that mean you can cut materials with minimal radii? Not only can it cut minimal inner radii shapes but also materials with pierce holes, sharp corners and bevels.

3. Can Handle Almost Any Material

Did you know that materials with rough surfaces, stone, glass, laminated materials or material like rubber pose no challenge to waterjet cutting?

Contrasted with other fabrication technologies, waterjet machines can handle nearly any product or material that a traditional cutter can.

The fact that it can handle any material makes it a versatile technology. Do you know that you can use pure waterjet technique in the hygienic cutting of food products? It’s USDA-approved equipment.

It also has a higher cutting speed and it’s reliable since it eliminates the downtime associated with cleaning and sharpening delicate blades.

4. Extremely Accurate

Do you want to avoid additional finishing process costs? Waterjet machines are extremely accurate hence producing precise results. This significantly saves time since it accelerates the cutting process, increasing the general efficiency.

5. No Material Distortion

Do you know exposure to heat can distort material? Materials exposed to heat can end up being rough and burr.

If you want a smooth and burr-free service on a heat sensitive material, you should use waterjet cutting technology.

Environment Friendliness Remains One of the Key Benefits of Using Waterjet Cutting Technology

All the benefits of using waterjet cutting technology could make no sense if the technology produced hazardous waste. The good news is that waterjet is environment-friendly and it will help you minimize waste disposal costs.

It also allows operators to closely nest parts hence maximizing material use. Waterjet machines use less water since it can recycle water.

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