Keratin hair treatments have been around for a while.

And it’s no wonder, given their multi-faceted list of benefits. It’s kind of like the perfect man; it bolsters us and protects us from environmental harm.ย 

Think about all the poking and prodding we do to our skin and hair. We wash it; we scrub it; we moisturize it; we endure harsh UV rays and other toxins from the air.

Why not spend a little time and money on a layer of protection that will up the ante on our levels of shine? Here are five reasons why a keratin hair treatment is worth its weight in gold.ย 

1. No More Frizz

Yes, ladies. There is a way to enjoy frizz-free, carefree hair. In fact, this is the primary purpose of every keratin hair treatment. The treatment itself will clean up your existing hair, make it straighter, and reduce the hair’s tendency to frizz. That’s pretty much every girl’s dream!ย 

2. Increased Strength

Ready for a little science? Keratin actually opens the bond between our roots and follicles. This strengthens their relationship and gives you fuller, stronger hair. Most women notice that, after a keratin hair treatment, there’s a lot less hair in the drain after a shower.ย 

3. Added Protection

Keratin really is a superhero. Not only does it reduces frizz and increase strength, but it also acts as a layer of protection.

If you’ve ever witnessed your hair color fade due to sunlight, then you might want to consider keratin. This layer of protection will help your color and shine last longer.ย 

4. Less Blow Dry Time

Even though blow dryers cause damage over time, we can’t seem to put them down because nothing beats the perfect blowout. Hello Kate Middleton.

Now that your hair will have a tendency towards frizz-free days and added luster and shine, you won’t have to spend so much time with your blow dryer. End the search for the perfect brush, too, because – by and large – your hair will naturally dry to your heart’s content.ย 

5. Added Confidence

All this is to say that you won’t have to worry how your hair is holding up in the humidity after an hour or so. You don’t have to sneak a look in the mirror to see how many flyaways and pockets of frizz have appeared.ย 

What’s worse than spending time on your hair and makeup only to walk out the door and feel everything wilt? Thanksย to keratin, you can strut with confidence while your hair holds those soft, beachy waves or Cher-straight strands.ย 

Keratin for Life

Those who invest in keratin never revert to a life without it.

Living in Florida means many days spent in the sun. But, guess what? It doesn’t have to take a toll on your hair anymore. Keratin will shield you from those UV rays that we love to soak up.ย 

Here at Florida Independent, we’re all about living your best life. We just published an articleย that discussed how to get long, beautiful lashes.

We hope you’ll go on to live your best life, complete with long lashes and soft, silky hair.

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