In 2020, there will be over 1.5 million cases of cancer diagnosed.

While there’s no cure yet that’s available for cancer patients, there are advances in cancer treatment that has helped with cancer research and has helped beat the odds of defeating cancer.

These advanced treatments involve breakthrough clinical trials. They give patients hope that their cancer can be treated and eventually gone. It’s one step closer to finding a cure and life-saving opportunities.

To give you more insight into cancer treatment, here are the top advances in cancer treatment that can give you hope that medical professionals are one step closer to curing cancer.

1. CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell immunotherapy uses the patient’s own cells to fight cancer.

In fact, CAR T-Cells Immunotherapy is used in lymphoblastic leukemia and large B-cell lymphoma. When the patient’s cells are reintroduced back into their body, the new receptors can kill specific tumor cells.

In addition, the FDA has approved this treatment for different forms of cancer. While this treatment is not effective against all types of cancer, it does help with specific types of cancer.

The process of treatment with CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy typically involves evaluation of the patient’s blood, a collection of T cells. Then these T cells are engineered and modified. These cells are then infused back into the patient’s body.

The recovery time for this specific treatment is typically around 2 to 3 months.

2. Advances in Surgery

Another advancement in cancer treatment is surgery, especially with later-stage cancer patients.

Cancer patients who elect to have surgery often extend the survival time of their lives. The cancer surgery is typically for patients with stage IV non-small lung cancer.

Furthermore, open surgery is more effective than minimally evasive surgery.

Some of the types of cancer surgeries vary widely. For instance, there are preventive types of surgery. It’s when doctors remove tissues that are not cancerous but that can become tumorous.

Other types of surgery can tell someone how cancerous the cells are in their body, which is often called diagnostic surgery. This kind of surgery is telling of the type of cancer and the treatment options.

Staging surgery looks at the extend of cancer and what treatment options are available for the patient.

Cryosurgery is used in extremely cold temperatures to defeat cancer cells. Liquid nitrogen is placed inside the skin so that it touches the tumor.

These are just some of the breakthroughs when it comes to advances in cancer surgery. There are also other types of surgery that have helped treat various kinds of cancer and more kinds of surgery options currently being developed.

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3. Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is when a doctor helps treat a patient’s cancer based on a genetic understanding of the disease.

For instance, in the past, people with the same kinds of cancer were treated the same. They had the same treatment.

But now doctors are understanding that patients have different genetic makeup that can affect the treatment options. They are looking at the genetic makeup of a person and deciding what the best treatment options are for each individual.

That’s where precision medicine comes in. It’s a customized model that creates a unique healthcare solution to each patient with cancer instead of treating them all the same.

A precision medical treatment may involve a genetic or genome test, which can help medical professionals develop a treatment plan.

4. Combination Therapy

Another advancement in cancer treatment is combination therapy, which is a combination of different therapeutic agents.

In a way, when combination therapy is used in cancer treatment is effective cuts off ways for cancer to grow in different ways. Different therapeutic agents are combined to cut off ways cancer can develop and grow.

This advanced treatment is often used against tumors, leukemias, and lymphomas.

One of the drugs often combined is Platinol and Navelbine for the treatment of non-small lung cancer.

Ultimately, combination therapy helps cut off any escape routes that the tumor can take. It takes a combination of therapies to attack these pathways.

5. Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is the treatment of radiation against cancer. It’s the use of high doses of radiation to treat cancer, especially tumors. It kills the DNA of cancer.

The treatment can last days to weeks depending on the size of cancer and where the cancer is located in the patient’s body.

In addition, radiotherapy varies when it comes to external or internal therapy.

External beam radiation therapy involves a machine that aims radiation at the location of your cancer. It’s important to know that external radiation therapy involves radiation in a specific part of the body and not the whole body.

Internal therapy is when the radiation is put inside your body. The type of radiation is usually a solid or a liquid form. Similar to external therapy, internal therapy involves treatment to only a specific part of the body.

Advances in radiology continue with proton therapy and MRI-guided linear accelerator.

What’s the Best Cancer Treatment?

Now that you have an understanding of the 5 advances in cancer treatment, you can see what treatment can benefit you or someone you know who has cancer.

If you work in the medical industry, you can see how cancer treatment is rapidly changing, getting one step closer to a cancer cure. It’s one step closer to life-saving opportunities for patients with different types of cancer.

Advances in Cancer Treatment Offer Hope for the Future

While medical professionals can’t cure cancer, they can offer better treatment options that can effectively help defeat cancer. These 5 advances in cancer treatment provide hope for patients.

Ultimately, these treatments offer some insight into how close medical professionals are to defeating cancer once and for all. It shows the diversity of treatment options and how they can help fight against specific cancers.

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