Having a good product isn’t enough — you need quality marketing strategies that will allow you to thrive and grow your sales.

In this day and age, that means getting a handle on your digital advertising. There are several digital marketing techniques that you can use to rake in more sales and increase the reach of your business.

Below are some examples of popular brands that have used digital marketing strategy to get ahead.

1. Slack

When you think about digital collaboration, you think about Slack.

This isn’t by accident — this company has hit the ground running with their digital marketing and never looked back. Though you are likely to see big budget ads on Instagram and YouTube, Slack really focused on efficiency when crafting its digital strategy.

They place a high premium on satisfying each and every customer, which is why so many people sign up for paid subscriptions.

2. Bevel

Today, men are getting more in touch with holistic health, taking care of their mind, body, and spirit. With grooming products, for instance, people want to do business with brands that they feel a connection with.

Bevel is a shaving brand that has used social media to capture the hearts and minds of its customers. The company’s owner Tristan Walker, created his shaving kits for black men because common popular razor blades often create shaving bumps due to differences in skin types.

The Bevel blade is crafted to work with different skin types to prevent these bumps. Walker’s story of turning down $500 million to inspire his community by retaining ownership spread across the web like wildfire.

Because of this, they’ve used creative marketing to build connections with users who gladly pay for the shaving kits.

3. Airbnb

This company has created some of the best video advertisements across the web.  You can use different video ad maker available in the market.

They’ve caught traction on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Since getting an Airbnb rental is a matter of trust, they always create a connection with their advertisements.

4. WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment has live shows on cable every week, but their big product right now is the WWE Network.

They’ve created several excellent digital advertising campaigns and promotions to drive people toward signing up for subscriptions. As a result, they’ve been able to replace the pay-per-view model, and instead give people live events and decades worth of archived content for $9.99 a month.

Employ These Ideas Into Your Business

These are some of the most successful brands around right now, not just for their business practices, but due to excellent marketing. Rather than look at them like untouchable giants, make sure that you borrow from them so you can employ these strategies and make them work for you.

Even if your budget is scarce, you can use a free ad maker to hit the ground running.

Get a Clear Understanding of Digital Advertising

The more you learn about digital advertising, the more you’ll be able to compete in a web 2.0 world. Apply these strategies so you can watch your company grow.
For more information on digital advertising, business apps and more, stick to our content!

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The Unbreakable Rules of Social Media Marketing

The buzz surrounding Social Media Marketing would seem to suggest that it is the ideal way for any individual or business to increase their online presence.

Now, Social Media Marketing (SMM) firms are springing up like mushrooms and devotedly spreading the message of the importance of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

But is this form of marketing worth the hype? One thing is for certain; social media has now indeed become a favourite choice of platform for marketing a plethora of products and services.

But to succeed in the highly competitive SMM arena, one has to go far beyond the so-called tried and tested methods of “community engagement” to turn the marketing campaign into a success. This is where the golden rules of marketing come into play.

The unbreakable rules of social media marketing

So what are the fundamental rules that can lead to a successful SMM campaign? These are not overly complicated or time-consuming methods, but simple ways that are often ignored by marketers.

Rule 1: Content is king

Yes! Marketing on social media is unlikely to succeed by posting fluff content with little or no value. To gain attention from the audience, your content needs to be unique and through provoking.

The ideal way to engage the audience while building your brand reputation is by posting quality content on a regular basis, which is not just a collection of information from other websites.

Try to match your content to your product and your market, as this will have the most chance of being well received by your audience as well as generating revenue.

An example, this post on The Canvas Factory blog, about photographic techniques. Great match to the product and the audience, no doubt it performed well.

Rule 2: Listen more

Far too many social media marketers are involved in making posts on such a frequent basis that they forget listening to the feedback of their audience. Y

our marketing campaign will fall flat on its face if it does not aim to build a rapport with the public and fails to deliver what they want. It’s very easy to buy likes on Facebook but getting people to participate on posts or conversations is an entirely different ballpark.

Rule 3: Be genuine

You’re probably saying to yourself “what’s up with all these clichés?” but this rule is as important as any other. You would want your marketing campaign to be community driven and genuine in its approach.

What does this mean? It means you’ll have to interact with the audience as a human and not a corporate gizmo. If you truly want organic likes and followers, your marketing strategy better involve prompt replies and round-the-clock help.

A great example of failing to be genuine can be found in the ‘Fresh in Our Memories’ promotion from Woolworths on Anzac day. Huge backlash, huge miss.

Rule 4: Expand your reach

Don’t just put your all your money on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because there are dozens of other social networking sites that you can leverage.

To make the most out of your Social Media Marketing, utilize different platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumble, and others. You may be shocked when you find out how much all these lesser known social networking sites can contribute to the growth of your online presence.

Rule 5: Give it time

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, you shouldn’t expect your brand to be known throughout the world at the same time. No, you’re not building a city but what you’re doing is going take time and effort.

An effective SMM strategy always focuses on attaining long-term results and seeks to establish a reputation by consistent service. If you can prove that your business is trustworthy, followers will automatically increase.

Final words

If you follow the five unbreakable as mentioned above with a passion and have the presence of mind to adapt to changing scenarios, it shouldn’t take you long to establish your business as a reputed online identity.

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