Owning a business is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. A business will always provide employment to you and at the same time it will also create more openings for you to employ others. In short owning a business has more pro’s, this is according to hostway.com. However, for the business to grow you need a lot of input. You need to put in strategies that allow you to expand as a business. Whichever strategy you choose, always ensure you put your customers’ opinions and desires as a priority. How long will you last in the market when you are not serving your clients? One strategy you can use to grown is branding. Branding is a major aspect of every business and is the reason why many businesses have been successful. It has numerous benefits. Below are the top benefits of branding your organisation or business;

  • Recognition

Before you begin your business or company, you always have to know the crowd or audience you intend to capture. Thus, you don’t want the targeted bracket of clients having a problem identifying your product in the market. The major benefit you will enjoy from branding is that your product will easily be known and recognized. It means that there is a large audience that will be aware of your product; thus they can always refer anyone to use your product. It will be very easy to do so since all they need to do is describe the brand. This will always reflect on the returns of your business. In most cases, there is increase in revenue and every business enjoys that.

  • Competition

Every business has competitors. However, this might not be the case if you are the only one providing the services in that sector. Such an economy or business environment is called a monopoly economy. Assuming you have competitors in your line of service, how do you stay a step ahead of them? There are several ways you can stand out in a competitive business environment. The most common way is by making sure your branding stands out. Once you invest in the correct branding, then you will have quality products that bear your company logo. You will stand out and clients always love this.

  • Loyalty

Customer loyalty is earned through various ways in a business environment. However, this might be very hard because customers only want to buy things and items that meet their specific needs. Thus, branding will help you ensure that your goods are of the right size, quality and quantity. In most cases, the quality will earn you loyalty from you clients. If you excel at both branding and the quality of the product, then the clients will definitely fall in love with what you do. Thus, they will show appreciation by being loyal to your brand.

  • New market

The other amazing benefit of branding is that it gives you the sense of identification when you are breaking into a new market. How do you expect to get clients yet they even have no idea how your product looks like? Once you have the correct branding and design services done to your products, then you will stand a chance to scale greater heights in any new business environment. In short, clients will always be curious to know what your company is offering but only if the product is branded correctly.

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The Most Hotly Contested Web Design Concepts of 2016

If there’s one topic that gets people fired up it’s web design. To succeed online, a smartly designed website is crucial. Something that brings in visitors and keeps them on your page, absorbing content.

Unfortunately, what constitutes a great site isn’t always agreed upon, and there’s constant debate of best practices, what’s hot, what’s not, and what is the cancer that is killing the industry. The argument still rages on, and recently it’s moved on to these commonly used web design elements:

The Carousel

“We’re not at the park, so why are we going around and around? Because people keep designing their sites with these blasted carousels” is just one of the commonly heard gripes about this supposedly interesting design choice.

Unfortunately, we have to keep clicking left or right to get another little morsel of information that the designers have deemed us worthy to handle. Are they afraid we can’t read full paragraphs? This one isn’t just a matter being annoyed personal preference, however, Carousel designs actually harm your websites performance.

They kill local SEO efforts by starving your site of actual content, the slow your site down with huge image files and JavaScript, and they are so confoundingly bad that nobody clicks through them all the way. The naysayers might have a point on this one, Carousels are way more trouble than they are worth.

Parallax Scrolling

You’ve seen this technique on graphics heavy sites in which the foreground and background scroll at different speeds. It creates a feeling of depth, helps tell a story through visuals, and looks pretty cool when properly implemented.

Unfortunately, it comes with some (resolvable) issues that may make it a waste of time. Like the Carousel, use of Parallax Scrolling is damaging to SEO. Since there’s usually just one page and a bunch of images, there’s no text content for search engines to crawl through and rank.

The abundance of images reduces performance (and completely kills performance on mobile devices). Most damaging of all though, is that the technique can just make it confusing to absorb any useful information, which will cut your number of repeat visitors down tremendously.

Think about it, would you stick around on a website where your only navigation option was to scroll downwards through hard-to read image/text combos? Of course, there are examples of Parallax Scrolling done right, so the argument is there that it’s all about how you choose to use it.

The Hamburger Menu

That three lined symbol in the corner on most websites that you click to access navigation options is commonly known as the hamburger menu.

While it does look cool, and you can see why one might be tempted to clean up their navigation by having it sleekly displayed in a drop-down menu, many say it kills a websites discoverability.

When your navigation options are out of sight, they are also out of mind, the thinking goes. There’s also the argument that it’s less efficient, since you’re forced to go to a separate menu just to see your options, but that’s more a matter of personal taste, it would seem.

We may never get definitive answers on whether these trends are good or bad, but it seems pretty clear that if you are going to try to incorporate any of these ideas into your design, you have to do it with care.

We’ve given you an overview of the tons of free web design options out there for building a pretty good site. When you have to move up to the big leagues though, it’d be prudent to hire some big league talent.

Professional web developers like Big Drop (out of New York), or Brown Box Branding (Dallas TX) offer great designs coupled with high level marketing strategies proven to keep the visitors coming back to your site for more.

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