Digital marketing is a fraught experience for law firms. The American Bar Association and state bars put hard and fast limits on how you are allowed to market your business. You need to stay within those bounds, and doing so means you can’t use all the tools available to other companies.

Improving SEO is a challenge, but it’s very much possible. After all, you still play by the same SEO rules.

Are you looking to improve your website? Here are four great tips for ranking higher on Google.

1. Target the Right Keywords

Every SEO experience starts with finding the right keywords. The good news for law firms is that you get to target local keywords. Local keywords are much easier to climb than a keyword used nationally or globally.

Start by using an SEO tool, like Ahrefs or SEMRush, to find the right keywords. Make sure your chosen keywords:

  • Reflect your business
  • Feature low keyword density
  • Meet your typical searcher’s intent

In other words, choose the keyword you’d enter if you were a client searching for your law firm.

2. Identify Your Competitors

One of the most common mistakes made in SEO is building a strategy that doesn’t include your competition. Why is this so devastating? Because SEO is a race – and you just need to be better than the person currently in first, second, or third place.

Go through your SEO competition’s sites to see what they’re using and what keywords they target. Keep in mind that your SEO competition may not be the local firm that is also your real-life competition. Your chosen SEO tool will make this research easier to complete and will help you track your progress (and your competition’s) over time.

3. Update Your Profiles

Google wants as much information as possible. To find the data it wants, the crawler looks for information across the web.

As a result, you need to create and update your profiles to ensure they have matching information. These profiles can include state bar pages, local listings, your Google Business profile, and any other tools you use. Every profile should use the same spelling, phone numbers, and data.

Little things like a missing digit or inconsistent capitalization can damage your SEO! So, use this strategy to achieve an easy win.

4. Create Better Content

With the basics covered, it’s now time to think about advanced SEO – or content. Your website, blog, and any other form of content you produce needs to be:

  • Accurate
  • Helpful
  • Easy-to-find (for readers and the crawler)

You’ll generate more value when you create better content. Remember, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to create something that better answers your reader’s question than your competition’s content might.

Improving SEO Starts with the Basics

As a law firm, you don’t have as many opportunities to be genuinely ground-breaking with your marketing tools. The good news is that improving SEO is often as simple as getting back to basics. Choosing keywords and creating a website that is accurate, helpful, and gets the searcher where they want to be is the name of the game.

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