You took that long drive to get to your destination, and now you’ve finally pulled up at your hotel. Time to grab your things, check in, and make your way to a room with a beautiful view.

…And then what?

If you’re like most people, then the only thing you know how to do in a hotel is either sleep in the room or watch the TV. That’s a great way to have a boring rooming experience, especially if you’re traveling alone.

So what are some other things to do in a hotel room while you’re chilling indoors? There’s actually a lot more in store than you think.

4 Things to Do in a Hotel Room in Your Down Time

Staying at a hotel can be an adventure in and of itself. Read on to find out what kinds of things you can get into.

1. Get to Know Your Area

If you’re stuck in the room with nothing to do, the first thing you should try is reading up on your area.

The world is not limited to the walls around you. In fact, outside your room is a whole new territory to explore, and you can try to learn more about the outdoors from the comfort of your own room.

Every hotel room has a traveler’s guide that has a list of all kinds of interesting places to see and things to do in the area. You might know about some of the main attractions, but you probably don’t know about the more hidden gems.

Some of the best places to travel in any city are the ones hidden off of the main tourist map. These areas don’t try to accommodate the average traveler; they hold their traditions closer, so you get to really see what the city is about.

When you’re sitting around in the middle of a rainy day, reading the travel guide will help you to orient yourself to the city. By the time the skies are clear, you’ll know everything there is to know about the places to visit.

2. Talk to the Staff

Believe it or not, staff members are people who like to talk as much as you do. If you find yourself wandering the halls of your hotel, why not try holding a conversation with them?

The hotel is a big place to look after, and it’s the staff that has to do all of the grunt work. From making the beds to cleaning the floors to washing the towels, and everything in between, there’s not a task that the staff doesn’t carry out.

Of course, we appreciate their services (imagine the stuff they’ve had to see over the years), but how often do we actually interact with them?

Seeing as their main duty is to move around the area without leaving a trace, you probably don’t even run into them very often, much less actually talk to them. You could actually make their day by doing exactly that.

Take time to find out more about what exactly the staff does, or hear what they have to say about the history of the area. They might even tell you a bit about their own life story.

The staff will certainly thank you for your kindness.

3. Play a Fun Game

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop being a kid.

If you’re surrounded by a good group of friends, there’s no reason not to enjoy a great game with them – and in this day and age, it’s not a problem to get one started.

Some hotels have their own set of simple games, like a deck of cards or even a small checkerboard. Starting a game with these shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Looking for something a bit more modern and action-packed? Some hotels actually have video games that you can play right there in the room for a small fee, so that’s always a good option if you’re looking to start a virtual party.

Of course, it’d be wrong of us not to mention a good drinking game as well. The good thing about drinking games is that the rules are only limited to your imagination (and your alcohol limit).

Check with the hotel to make sure drinking is allowed on the premise, and if everyone is over age you’ve got yourself a good time on your hands.

4. Learn to Get Creative

If you’re an artist (or if you love to create things) this is a great time for you to sharpen up your artistic skills.

If there’s one thing that every artist can agree on, is that you can never stop improving. Why take a break from your artwork because you’re sitting inside of a hotel room?

Whether you just enjoy doing the art for the fun or you’re a professional artist, you can take advantage of the room for your work.

Of course, art that only requires a pen and paper, like creative writing or traditional illustration, can easily be practiced in your room. You can also practice your photography skills if you brought a camera along on the trip.

You can work on your camera moves by experimenting on manual mode. Try tampering with the functions on your camera and play with colors and lighting, so when you get outside you can take some impressive pics without auto mode.

Looking for a room that’s just right for you? Why not book here and get started on your epic hotel adventure? We’re sure you’re going to like where you stay.

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