If there is one thing Americans will always need, it’s a plumber. But with over 115,000 plumbing companies in the nation, your business needs to execute top-notch plumbing marketing skills to beat the competition.

A combination of successful marketing tactics is the recipe for and growing your plumbing business. For a small business owner, marketing doesn’t have to be a grand campaign that lasts months. There are simple things business owners can do to launch their plumbing company.

Plumbing Marketing Tips

Here are four top-notch plumber marketing tips guaranteed to grow your business.

1. Maintain a User-Friendly Website

A user-friendly website is just as necessary as having qualified plumbing technicians. A user-friendly website loads quickly, adapts to different devices, and is easy to navigate.

First things first, your website must load fast. People want plumbing answers quickly. You have 10-20 seconds to get your information in front of your audience.

Next, your website needs to be accessible on all devices. This is what marketers call a responsive website. With half of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, your website must recognize different devices and change its shape to fit them.

Finally, make your website easy to navigate. Users should be able to find out essential information like hours, services, location, and a phone number with minimal effort. Incorporate call-to-action buttons throughout your website to encourage users to make an appointment or speak with your technicians.

2. Update Your Google Listing

Maintaining an updated Google My Business listing is just as essential as having a user-friendly website. Google My Business is a profile businesses can create. It appears when users perform a Google search.

A good Google My Business page lists your business’s:

  • Hours
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Contact number
  • Photos of the business
  • Reviews
  • FAQ

Sometimes, users don’t look at your website. Instead, customers just glance over your Google My Business page and decide if they want to give you their business. That’s why it’s such an essential part of plumber marketing.

3. Strive for Testimonials

Plumbing companies rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to grow. That’s why online testimonials are crucial. As many as 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Plumbing companies can host online reviews on their website, Yelp page, Google My Business profile, Angie’s List, and other plumbing-related websites.

After a job well done, all plumbing technicians should be asking for online feedback. Business owners can offer incentives, like cash and prizes, for technicians who receive the most reviews. Back at the office, all customers should receive a follow-up email that requests a review online.

4. Create a Referral Program

Word of an exceptional plumber travels quickly. Use word-of-mouth marketing to your advantage by establishing a referral program.

A referral program offers benefits to loyal customers that recommend your services to others. You can offer cash rewards, discounts, or other incentives to inspire your customers to recommend your business to their friends and family.

A referral program benefits your business in two ways. First, it motivates current customers to spread the word about your top-notch plumbing services. In return, you get to watch your business grow.

Secondly, a referral program turns regular customers into loyal ones. People like to practice what they preach. When customers receive rewards for recommending your business, they’ll be less likely to switch to another company.

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Growing your plumbing marketing is simple. Focus on perfecting your website, updating your Google My Business page, initiating more online reviews, and establishing a referral program and watch your business grow.

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