Women’s are using sanitary pads and tampons for the period. It is a frustrating task because they are using almost two pads on a regular basis. Apart from that, they are facing complicated leakage problems that are embarrassing.  Therefore, they are looking for an alternative option that can provide extra comfort to the body. Here, we are talking about a menstrual cup that is getting the hype. It is a top-notch thing that is completely different from the tampon or pad. It is a particular plastic cup which is manufactured using silicone or other material. The best thing is that it is associated with a low cervix length.

After buying the cup, all you need to place the plastic cup into the vagina. It is a most effective, reusable and washable cup that is providing enormous benefits.  After placing the cup into a vagina, it will able to collect the blood. With this article, we have listed four most important things about a menstrual cup that you should know.

  • Convenient

Thousands of brands are available that is manufacturing the menstrual cup. According to professionals, a menstrual cup will able to remain more than 12 hours whereas, the tampon can remain almost 4 hours only. It is time effective, and you don’t have to worry about complicated things such as leakage or changing.  According to doctors, periods are a stressful period of the month. With the help of a menstrual cup, an individual will able to get relief from the stress.  Overall, after inserting the cup, an individual can do every work without facing any complicated problem.

  • Effective for environment

As per researchers, tampons and pads make almost 1% of the garbage that is quite higher. They are throwing the pads and tampons. If you don’t want to face any complicated problem, then you should keep it clean and burn it. Apart from that, if you are using cups, then it is beneficial for you because it will able to cut down the percentage of wastage. An individual can use a particular menstrual cup for almost ten years.

  • Fold it

Before inserting the menstrual cup, you have to fold the half of cup. Make sure that you are buying a shot glass that is made out of the silicone and other material. It is really big, so it is recommended that individual must invest money in the shot cup only because it is convenient than others.

  • Base is tight

If you want to remove cup easily, then it is your responsibility to pinch the base of the cup tightly. After that, an individual can remove the cup within a fraction of seconds.  It is quite bigger than a particular tampon. If you want to prevent the mess, then the individual has to remove the menstrual cup perfectly.

Overall, you should always use a perfect menstrual cup design and brand. Make sure that the company is delivering a perfect cup that will able to manage the flow of blood with ease.

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