According to surveys, 77% of American households engage in spring cleaning each year.

The unfortunate truth is that many Americans are falling behind on their cleaning obligations. One out of every three surveyed says they do not clean enough.

Another concern for households is what type of cleaning products they use. A growing number of people want to use green products that are less harsh and environmentally-friendly.

Read on to learn about green cleaning products you can safely use at home

Importance of Green Cleaning

There are environmental and health hazards associated with cleaning.

Direct contact can lead to eye and skin irritation. Cleaning products can leave chemical residue on surfaces.

Well-known products like Scrubbing Bubbles produce negative health outcomes.

This product is specifically known to inflame the lungs. For this reason, the European Union has banned its products with more than 3% butoxydiglycol. Another example is Glade air freshener sprays that are routinely abused by teenagers as an inhalant.

Additionally, trace amounts of chemicals also get rinsed down the drain and can end up in water supply. These chemicals are often airborne and lead to decreased air quality.

1. Try Green Carpet Cleaning

One of the dirtiest areas of your home is undoubtedly the carpet. Not only does it collect dust, but also the dirt and bacteria from your shoes.

The solution is to perform carpet cleaning using organic products.

Todayโ€™s green products are considered baby-safe. They use zero toxins or traditional cleaning products. The cleaning solution does not contain perfumes or formaldehyde.

There are also professionals like Green Choice Carpet to assist in your spring cleaning.

2. Use Green Cleaning Products

Many of the household cleaners on the market are not environmentally-friendly. They include harsh chemicals that are harmful to your skin, eyes, and more.

The good news is that green products are increasingly more available. Companies like Seventh Generation exclusively manufacture green products. Even companies like Clorox are getting on board and offering green alternatives.

3. Get Microfiber Towels in Your Inventory

Many people focus on cleaning solutions. While this is a good point of emphasis, you can also go green on your cleaning materials.

For example, paper towels are not the best product for the environment. Paper towels leave a lot of wasteful material. Instead, green companies are switching to microfiber towels.

Not only are they better for the environment, but they are more productive from a cleaning perspective. Microfiber towels pick up more dust and bacteria. They also absorb more cleaning solution.

4. Utilize Green Equipment

We have now covered green cleaning products and materials. The final piece of the puzzle is using green equipment.

Carpet cleaners and vacuums are the equipment used most often by cleaning companies. Green cleaning equipment is often endorsed by health organizations.

You should also look for equipment that has an Energy Star certification.

A Recap of Green Cleaning

Cleaning is an important duty in American households and businesses. While cleaning, you can do your part to save the environment.

Taking steps like using organic cleaning products go a long way. You can also use energy-efficient cleaning equipment.

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