When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, businesses put their efforts into making sure written content is seen immediately by others on Google. This ranges from articles, to blog posts, infographics, and more.

With online video and live streaming becoming more popular, it’s paramount that the same be done for videos to help you edit a video online. In fact, according to an article written by Roger Montti on Search Engine Journal, Facebook Live videos generate on average “six times as many interactions… [which] are a key metric for ranking higher in followers news feeds!

80% of online traffic will come from videos alone by 2019. While new videos were at one point an option for many companies, they have now become a requirement, especially on Facebook with everyone’s crowded newsfeeds.

Videos are a way to push your business to the forefront. Here are some video ideas to use in your marketing strategy.

1. Social Video is Integral to Future SEO Tactics and How It’s Done

Videos should send out your business’s message in a way that’s possibly even stronger than any other content you put out.

In fact, according to Media Space Solutions, “Forrester researcher Dr. James MoDuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words; so whether your video niche is live video, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes of your business, a camera is in your future.

Once you have a video complete, it’s time to make sure it’s seen. How is SEO done with video format? An article written by Wesley Young on Search Engine Land mentions these eight steps:

Video Integration

Simply just having your video on your website will increase your page ranking, as Google and other search engines will count that as quality content that appears with each search someone makes.

Keyword Labels

Be sure to include certain keywords in your video’s title, description, and even the tags. This “ensures that the relevance of your video to search results is clear to search engines.”

Video Transcript

Writing out a transcript for your video will help people find it faster on search engines.

Video Sitemap

‘Video sitemaps are an extension to the general sitemap of your Web property! They include information about your video such as its, “duration, rating, view count, age appropriateness, whether the video may be embedded and [more].”

Optimize Your Videos for Loading Time

Just as you want your website to load efficiently, the same goes for your videos. You don’t want people heading elsewhere because they can’t load your video properly.

In other words, use your video to link back to your website. You can achieve this in two ways: by creating your own YouTube channel and putting a link to your website in the profile and linking to your website in your video’s description.

Act Natural

Nothing turns off the social savvy generation like ads that are trying too hard to sell them something. While that might seem frustrating at first, think of it as the Internet’s way of keeping you true to yourself.

Consider posting some behind the scenes footage, moments with your employees, or showcase what you love about what you do and how it’s done. Fortunately, you don’t have to get caught up in the details when it comes to online video, just be yourself!

Tell Your Story

Instagram stories are a powerful way to earn a person’s interest because they offer a look into what your brand is like right now. Use videos to show people behind the scenes, exhibit your playful personality or show how much hard work and care goes into your business.

You’ll be at the top of your followers’ feed with other Instagram stories as a bonus level of exposure. Your story feed also allows you to post and explore a wider variety of content while keeping your regular feed consistent with photos that are in line your overall brand.

2. Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Youtube Videos

Youtube is the number one platform for video marketing. You can utilize it to build an audience and get free exposure. Here are some tips for getting more views on Youtube.

Optimize Your Description

When writing your video description, optimize it for SEO. This starts with writing a description that is at least 300 words long.

In addition, make sure to include your keyword at the beginning and several times throughout your video description, as well as including other similar keywords.

Make sure to also include links to blog posts that are about similar topics and to other relevant videos to increase your chances of appearing in the related videos section.

Choose the Right Keywords

When doing keyword research for Youtube, focus on both Youtube keywords and Google keywords. Getting your video to rank high in organic Google searches can get you a lot of additional views.

Youtube videos tend to rank pretty quickly, but it is still a good idea to target low-competition keywords. You can use a keyword tool to help you out. Youtube’s search bar suggestions will also come in handy.

Create Playlists

Playlists are a great way to get people to view more of your videos. You can even add videos that are not your own to your playlists. Doing this will only increase your exposure overall.

Embed Your Videos

Embed your videos in your blog posts by using Youtube’s embed code. Make sure that sharing options are turned on.

Encourage people to share your videos and to like and subscribe to your channel.

Youtube, however, has new stringent policy controls. UGETube can provide you a way around this with its new platform.

3. Facebook Takes Video to the Next Level

Released August of 2017, Facebook Watch is a video platform that mirrors YouTube. The goal of Watch is to focus on shows and foster creative talents. Facebook has already seen enormous growth in its video watch time.

In 2015, the social media giant saw its daily video views double from April to November of that year. Getting serious about video only seemed like a natural next step.

Can Facebook Watch Beat YouTube?

Maybe, but there are a few factors that position Facebook Watch for success. One significant advantage is its stance on monetization.

YouTube has made changes that severely restrict new creators’ ability to monetize. Channels must have at least 4000 hours of watch content and 1,000 subscribers to qualify for YouTube’s program.

On the other hand, Facebook only requires a short application before creators can begin using monetization strategies from pre-roll to native ads.

Watch has come at a time when many YouTube creators have become frustrated with the platform and may be ready for a switch.

Facebook Watch Benefits

    • Large, built-in audience or Immediate access for users
    • No significant limits to monetization
  • Potential for highly tailored recommendations Facebook

Watch doesn’t require potential users to sign up for a new account or join a new site. It’s built into the website and app. Watch also comes with a built-in 1+ billion global audience.

Currently, the video platform has remained true to its mission and kept monetization limits low.

Live videos require a larger following, but most ads are accessible to small accounts.

The other significant advantage Watch has on YouTube is the ability to personalize. YouTube gives videos recommendations based on your viewing history, which can mean one cat video can result in a home page full of more cats.

But Facebook contains far more information about each individual user. This information, particularly favorite shows and movies that users have listed, allows Facebook to give users highly relevant video suggestions.

4. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an incredible vehicle to engage with your audience, create value, and ultimately generate sales for your business. Even Facebook has been promoting Live via major television ads to encourage even more personal and business use of the tool.

We will discuss 3 tips for using Facebook Live video to grow your business:

Give them Premium Access

Use a Facebook Live session to give your audience access to interesting aspects of your business. If you 3D print your products, take them behind the scenes and show them in real-time how the process works.

Or give them live access to the life of one of your leaders such as the CEO. Give them a feel for what it is like to be in their shows. Pull back the curtains on parts of your business and let the world in.

For example, the Chicago Cubs baseball team does Facebook Live sessions that showcase their team batting practice. This is something very few people have access to and now they are bringing it to the masses.

Question and Answer Sessions

Another compelling way to use Facebook Live is to take your most popular questions and then answer them on Facebook via Live. For example, you can take product or company related questions and then answer them.

Or even go through your entire FAQ’s in a month-long series to help out your customer base.

Then you can use this video and repurpose it in various channels to reach all of your customers and potential audience.

Offer Exclusives

You can provide your customers with incentives to tune in for your Facebook Live broadcast.

You can unveil a new product or service and then use Facebook Live to offer a specific discount or promotional code. You can make it exclusive to Facebook Live so that you can incentivize your audience to tune in for your broadcast.

Utilize These Video Ideas

You could be missing out if you’re not using video marketing to its full potential. Adding live moments that feel interactive can be a huge hit that will attract loyal followers.

There are other video ideas you could deploy in your SEO strategy. It is essential that you add video to your marketing strategy and need some guidance.

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