About 17.2 million cars were sold in 2017, and about 16.5% of those were full and mid-sized trucks. These best pickup trucks versatile vehicles are becoming more in demand as people look for the perfect combination of affordability, functionality, comfort, and technology.

Best Pickup Trucks For Carry

With truck models available from all of the major manufacturers, it can be tough to determine which is the best resale value truck. This list will help you choose the best pickup trucks for the money

1. Toyota Tacoma

This small to midsize truck comes in several trim levels and a wide variety of options and features. This ensures that best pickup trucks for everyone, no matter what your need or intended use.

There are two engines, drive trains, and transmissions available to choose from. You’ll also need to choose from three different cab styles. There is also plenty of innovative technology packed into the infotainment system.

The Tacoma is famous for having an engine that just won’t quit, with several custom trucks lasting well into multiple hundreds of thousands of miles. These trucks also hold their value well, so you can expect a decent resale or trade-in value.

2. Dodge Ram 2500

Do you need the best pickup trucks that have some serious towing and hauling power? The Dodge Ram 2500 has the latest in manufacturing technology for an impressive combination of a lightweight frame and a powerful engine.

Under the hood, you’ll find a turbocharged V8, though there’s a V6 available too. Dodge offers a Tradesman trim level for those looking for a hardcore work truck. There’s the Power Wagon for those looking for a sporty truck and the Bighorn for the luxury truck buyer.

3. Chevrolet Colorado

The Colorado is one of theΒ best pickup trucks to buy because it offers a comfortable ride and the versatility of a full-size truck in a midsize package. This means you can have the towing and hauling power you need, but still be able to comfortably drive on narrow city streets and parking lots.

There are three engines for you to choose from, including a diesel option. The engines offered are impressive and offer some of the best MPG in the truck market for its size.

4. Ford F-150

If you’re looking for power in your truck, then you can’t go wrong with the Ford F-150. There are several impressive V6 and V8 engine options to choose from. Then there’s the impressive towing capacity.

Choose from three cab styles to ensure you have plenty of cabin space for your entire family to ride in comfort. You’ll also appreciate the variety of trim levels to choose from. There are the bare bones basic for your work truck and a luxury-oriented package for your family car.

With all of these benefits, there’s no denying that the F-150 is a must have vehicle.

Pick the Best Pickup Truck for the Money

When choosing from the best pickup trucks for the money, you need to focus on more than just the most affordable trucks. Think about how you plan to drive and use your truck and what features are most important to you.

The best truck for the money is the one that will perform how you need it to. This could be powerful towing abilities, the latest technology, driver-assist features, or impressive fuel economy.

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