The average cost of a roof replacement in 2020 hovers around $7,875. In these economically unknown times, coughing up thousands of dollars for your roof probably isn’t feasible.

But how can you avoid a full roof replacement cost? By maintaining the roof properly throughout its life!

The good news is that maintaining your roof doesn’t always involve a bill from roof repair contractors. Instead, there are plenty of tasks you can handle on your own.

Keep reading for three simple tips for do it yourself roof repairs

1. Start by Locating the Issue

Most people don’t even think about their roof until an issue arises. Instead of immediately calling in a professional to fix the issue, start by seeing if you can identify the cause of the issue by yourself.

If you have a leak somewhere in your home, it’s time to get out your ladder and get on top of your roof. Odds are, a roof leak is caused by a missing or damaged shingle. If that’s not the case, your roof may not be properly sealed around your chimney or flashings.

In some cases, you may not be able to locate the cause of the issue on your own. If you have a very steep roof or are unable to find the cause of a leak, you’ll want to seek help. Look around for the best roofing company in your area to ensure you’re getting reputable help at a reasonable price.

2. Patch or Replace Damaged or Missing Shingles

If a missing or damaged shingle is causing the issue, this is something that you can fix on your own.

If the shingle is damaged, use a hammer to remove the nails and the shingle should slide out of place. If the shingle is completely missing, this makes the job a little easier for you.

Then, you’ll want to find a new shingle that matches your roof color as closely as possible. Buy a few galvanized roofing nails and nail the shingle firmly into place. Then, wait until the next rain event to see if your repair job worked.

3. Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean

While keeping your roof and gutters clean may not seem like a repair job, it is one of the most important preventative maintenance steps you can take.

Having a build-up of debris in your gutters and on your roof can lead to standing water on your roof. This can cause your shingles to break down prematurely and lessen the lifespan of your roof.

Add roof and gutter cleaning to your seasonal clean-up list. Every time the seasons change, get out your ladder and clean

Approach Do It Yourself Roof Repairs With Caution

These three do it yourself roof repairs are a great way to save money on home maintenance. But, some roofing repair jobs should be left to the professionals.

If you don’t feel comfortable with heights or don’t have the right tools for the job, reach out to a pro for help. Also, if you aren’t sure of the exact cause of your roofing issue or are in the need of a full roof replacement, you’ll want to call in professional roofers.

Wondering what other home maintenance tasks you can tackle on your own? Browse the rest of this site to discover DIY projects both inside and outside your home.

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