To clear the uterus, medical abortion utilizes two oral drugs. It’s called non-surgical and an alternative to surgery. But if you’re contemplating on trying abortion, the following are 3 factors you should know.

1# Not Triumphant All the Time

There’s no assurance that medical abortion will be effective. Any woman thinking about non-surgical abortion should also get ready for surgical abortion if the former fails.

During a medical abortion, the patient takes two drugs. The first drug wanes the attachment of the womb fetus, whereas the other drug causes bleeding and contractions, thus expelling the unborn child from the body.

The pregnant woman takes drugs two days apart. The drugs can, however, lead to birth defects. But if ineffective, the woman undergoes a surgical abortion.

At times the abortion isn’t complete. As a result, the women should attend analysis one to two weeks subsequent to taking the drug. The assessment validates whether abortion will become victorious. When not possible, a surgical abortion is advised.Β 

2# Eligibility for Medical Abortion

Medical abortion isn’t for everybody. A woman can terminate a pregnancy by using drugs as long as her pregnancy isn’t older than 8 weeks. Hence, women in the later pregnancy states are disc rouged for an abortion.

As mentioned earlier, not many women are willing to undergo a surgical abortion when the medicinal fails. They also rarely revisit the clinic for examination follow-up.

Besides, the nurse or doctor may decide to elucidate the medical abortion contraindications. Individuals who experienced pregnancy outside the uterus or ectopic pregnancy aren’t entitled to abortion through drugs.Β 

Besides, women under the following conditions aren’t qualified for medical abortion:

  • Drugs allergy or any of the associated elements
  • Uncontrolled asthma or those sick of contraindications
  • Porphyria: a disease portrayed by abnormally metabolized hemoglobin
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Malfunctioning adrenal glands
  • Very high blood pressure

Another portion of women not eligible for medical abortion is those with an intra-uterine contraceptive apparatus in the uterus.Β 

3# Extremely Safe Abortion

Despite the effective abortion rate not being 100%, the majority of women love it due to its high safety. The drugs applied in the process have been studied globally and even used uncountable times in the past and present.

More so, women who choose abortion through drugs ought to comprehend the dangers. The drugs and process are considered safe. However, there’s a negligible number of women who experience severe bleeding. It’s approximately 1% who encounters this, and they usually go for surgery.

Women have numerous reasons they choose abortion. The factors include financial problems, age, having many children, being too old or too young, and having issues with the father.Providentially, women don’t have to face the surgery option straightaway. They may choose medical abortion, which is a bit safe. That’s if they’re eligible although they must be prepared for surgical abortion whenever the medical option fails! But when the time comes, you should think to buy abortion kit to make progress easier.

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