Do you own one of the 60 million dogs in America?

Did you know that owning a dog helps keep you healthy? Dogs have an incredible mood-enhancing power capable of treating depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. New studies are also revealing that owning a dog can help improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Dogs are great at making humans healthier but we aren’t always good at returning the favor. Unfortunately, it’s common for dogs to have a daily diet lacking in important nutritional ingredients. When your dog isn’t eating well they’re at risk for heart disease, bladder stones, obesity, and pancreatitis.

Read on to find learn about the different nutrients your dog needs every day to live a long and healthy life. We’ll also explain 3 easy ways to tell if your dog’s diet is missing important vitamins and minerals.

What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

Let’s start by discussing what you’re currently feeding your dog. Your furry friend requires specific nutrients to be their healthiest. Here are a few of the different nutrients your dog diet needs:


Protein helps your dog receive all of the important amino acids they need. Your dog’s coat, nails, muscles, and bones all rely on protein. Your dog’s energy level will drop significantly if you stop providing them with enough protein.

Protein-rich yogurt and bone broth can also help settle your dog’s upset stomach.


Fat is a type of macronutrient made from different fatty acids. Fat is also responsible for helping your dog maintain high levels of energy. Fatty acids play a large role in protecting vital internal organs and your dog’s entire nervous system.


Vitamins help provide the fuel for metabolic functions. Without vitamins, your dog’s immune system will weaken and the blood can form clots. Improper vitamin levels can also negatively impact your dog’s nervous system.


Minerals are another nutrient that helps with metabolic functions. Your dog’s body won’t produce any minerals on its own. Instead, you have to provide them with the food your dog eats. The minerals will help support a strong bone structure with proper oxygen levels.


Carbohydrates are a macronutrient made from starches, fibrous foods, and sugars. Dogs require carbohydrates to help them fight off sicknesses and perform bodily functions.

When you are choosing dog food, make sure it has enough nutrients. You can look at different reviews online:

If a company uses natural ingredients the quality of the food increases dramatically. Next, we’ll explore what will happen if you’re feeding your dog an unhealthy diet.

The Condition of Their Coat

First, look at the condition of your dog’s coat. Is it dry and flaky or shiny and full? Without the right nutrients, your dog’s fur will suffer.

A healthy coat will not only be shiny it’ll also be smooth. A rough or coarse fur coat could be a sign of health problems or a poor diet.

After you inspect your dog’s coat condition, look at their skin. The appearance of the skin should be clear and ungreasy. If the skin has a lot of flakes, bumps, or irritations, you probably are missing a key nutrient in your dog’s food.

Low Energy

Is your dog normally a ball of energy? If your dog is normally super upbeat but starts slowing down, they might need better food fuel. Think about how you feel after eating a few slices of pizza. You probably feel tired, full, and ready for a nap.

Now imagine if you only ate pizza for every meal, every day for the entire week. Would you have a lot of energy by the time Friday rolled around?

Absolutely not, without proteins and vitamins, your energy levels would be at an all-time low. The same way of thinking holds true for your dog. If you are only feeding them junk food, their energy will suffer greatly.

Continue Your Learning Journey

Now you know more about the importance of feeding your dog quality food.

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