When it comes to digital marketing, 61% of marketers feel that improving their SEO strategy and organic presence is a high priority. If your business is trying to up their SEO strategy, then we have the best SEO tricks for you!

So exactly what SEO strategies will help to benefit your business in 2020? Marketing trends are constantly changing and that is definitely true when it comes to SEO.

Keep reading for our guide to the three SEO tricks that every business must understand in 2020

Voice search has been around since 2012 but is starting to become more and more popular and usable thanks to the technology that we now have in 2020. This is when you ask your smartphone a question with your voice and it pulls up an answer for you in the form of a website.

When it comes to voice search you need to make sure that your website and the content on it are optimized for voice searching!

The first thing that you should focus on when it comes to voice search is long-tail keywords. This is because people tend to use long phrases when talking as opposed to typing when searching. You also want to figure out what your target audience’s intent is when they’re searching these keywords.

As mentioned before, most of these searches will be done using a smartphone so you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly as this will help people stick around on your page after they search.

2. Optimize Your Video Content

Video marketing is becoming even more huge especially in 2020 and you need to make sure that your video content is optimized for search engines as well!

You will need to focus on putting your keywords and phrases in your titles and descriptions as that is what search engines will rely on to rank your videos. Videos that are informative tend to rank high in search engines which is why videos are becoming more and more popular in the marketing world.

If you’re looking for someone to help with your social media management or dive into more SEO services for your company, then make sure to see what an SEO company can do for you.

3. Longer Content Doesn’t Substitute Quality

Even though it is true that longer content, usually around 2,000 words, ranks high on google, this does not mean that long content is quality content. Unfortunately, you can’t manipulate Google just by writing long content and think that you will rank high at the top.

When it comes to creating content that ranks high, you want the quality to shine through. Longer content can sometimes cover too many different topics which can be more difficult to capture using keywords.

Overall, you want your content to satisfy your readers, make them click on your page, as well as make them share your content with their followers. When creating content for SEO try not to focus too much on the length of content that you’re creating.

SEO Tricks for Your Business

When it comes to learning the best SEO tricks for your business there are tons that you can implement. Make sure that you’re doing your research and figuring out exactly how to fit these tips and tricks into your own marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for more business advice, then make sure to keep scrolling our blog for the best tips and tricks.

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