Have you ever won a free cup of coffee in a Tim Horton’s contest, or been on a hot streak at the poker table? If so, you’d be considered pretty lucky. Have you been promoted more than your colleagues and contemporaries, landed great positions effortlessly, and glided through life with ease and poise? If so, you would be considered very lucky. Have you ever won a multi-million-dollar lottery jackpot? If so, you must be the one of the luckiest people in the world!

As you can see, luck exists on a gradient, and someone who is lucky one day might not be so lucky the next. But what exactly is luck, and what sets it apart from the randomness of everyday experiences? Well, according to researchers, luck really is a quantifiable thing, and, more impressively, it can be improved or worsened depending on a person’s outlook and attitude. This article will look at three compelling ways that you can improve your overall luck.

Visualize Your Success

It may seem like new age nonsense at first (“project your aura” and all that), but in fact visualizing your success can have a profound effect on your ability to actually achieve that success. Whether this has to do with a positive attitude and self-confidence creating more opportunities for success, or whether something altogether more metaphysical is afoot is hard to determine – though, it would probably be wise to assume the former. At any rate, if you play the lottery, visualize that winning ticket before you get your Powerball tickets today and you might wind up a much wealthier person!

Create Opportunities For Winning

This dovetails a little bit with the last tip, but it requires more of an active effort on your part. There is that famous saying from the hockey great Wayne Gretzky (though its origins are a bit apocryphal), “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, and that’s exactly why creating more opportunities will statistically net you (pun intended) better results. The more you create opportunities and circumstances for your own success, the more success you will experience. The more successful you are, the luckier you feel.

Go With Your Gut

While not a fail-proof method for luck, there is some merit to intuition. Or, put another way, there are diminishing returns when it comes to “thinking things over”. Often, your first idea is your best, and statistically it’s the one you should go with. If you want to feel lucky, try and do away with that little criticizing voice in your head, and trust your instincts. You might find that you become both lucky and more self-confident.

While no one in the world can make every day a lucky day, there are some research-based methods for improving your overall luck. It has to do with confidence, opportunity and self-belief. The more you can try and live by these three tips, the luckier you will hopefully feel. There is nothing left to say here, but — Good luck!

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