Some say that cowboy boots go way back to the 1200s and the days of Genghis Khans. Originally designed for horseback riding and to withstand harsh elements, they are now worn for many reasons. Whether you’re working hard on the ranch or looking fashionable on the streets of a big city, cowboy boots can offer good looks and practical perks.

If you don’t already have a pair, consider finding some high-quality cowboy boots to add to your wardrobe. The distressed jeans and cowboy boot look has been in style for a long time now, especially during the summer at outdoor concerts. However, there are more trending looks featuring cowboy boots than the typical jean pairing.

The western trend is hitting hard this year with stars like Gigi Hadid and Ciara dazzling in cowboy boots and hats in various magazines and across social media. New designs from big names like Burberry and Urban Outfitters are coming out this year featuring cow print. Basically, cowboy boots are no longer just for cowboys and haven’t been for a long time. They’re for men and women who want to keep up with style trends and make a bold statement with their look.

2. Practical and Durable

Since they were designed for hard, manual labor and traveling on horseback, cowboy boots are meant to be practical and durable in their basic design. Their actual durability will depend on how they are made and what materials are used. High-quality boots, even those with bright colors or elaborate designs, are made to last. A good pair of cowboy boots can take you from day-to-day, year after year.

Thanks to their staying power, you could keep the same pair of cowboy boots for years and never worry about them being last season or looking beat up. Actually, some styles look even better when they’re a little worn.

3. Versatile

When considering what to wear with your cowboy boots, the sky is the limit. A classic brown pair can be worn in place of dress shoes under slacks for an appropriate office look. Women can match a colorful pair with a short dress for a great date-night look. Animal print designs are really popular today, and cowboy boots complement this look well. Because cowboy boots feature prints, intricate designs, and color, they pair perfectly with simple, muted outfits. Think skinny jeans and a tucked-in, neutral-colored top for women or fitted jeans with a basic button-down shirt for men.

Cowboy boots are all the rage because they offer everything you want in a solid style piece. They are timeless, durable, comfortable, just the right amount of edgy, and they go with almost anything. Get your hands on a few well-made pairs of cowboy boots in a variety of different colors or designs and you might never touch any of your other shoes again.

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