Since you’ve stumbled across this article, it’s safe to assume you’ve heard about CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants.

These have medicinal benefits for a variety of ailments. As CBD products become widely accepted, we can expect more research on their medicinal benefits. But CBD products aren’t just for human consumption.

If you are a dog owner, you’ll be pleased to know about CBD oil for dogs. These are oils infused with CBD to treat dogs with various ailments. You might be thinking, is it ideal to give my dog CBD oil?

This guide will show you why you should consider CBD oil for dogs and other CBD treats for dogs.

Let’s start with the research so far:

1. CBD Oil for Dogs Is Already In Use

CBD Oil for Dogs Is Already In Use

As of this publication, there isn’t any conclusive evidence to show how CBD products for dogs can treat any ailments.

However, there’s anecdotal evidence from many dog owners that they’ve found CBD dog treats to be helpful to their dogs. They’ve found that CBD products can help dogs with any neuropathic issues.

We also know that CBD gets used for reducing anxiety, fighting against inflammation, and stimulating appetites.

While you should consult with your vet about CBD for dogs, you can also speak to fellow dog owners. You might find more anecdotal evidence of how their dogs improved with CBD products.

You want to also know about the possible side effects before you give any CBD products to your dog.

For example, they can develop a dry mouth which can decrease saliva production. This will also make them feel dehydrated overtime.

CBD can also bring drowsiness and low blood pressure in dogs. If these are serious concerns, you want to ask your vet about the ideal CBD dosage for dogs.

2. CBD Oil for Dogs Helps With Nutrition

Have you noticed that your dog has neglected their food lately? If so, the answer might lie in providing them with a pinch of CBD oil. Consider pouring a few drops of CBD oil in their dog food.

You can also pour a few drops of CBD oil into your dog’s water dish. This can help them boost their appetite. You should try to increase the food amount to see if your dog wishes to eat more food.

When choosing your CBD oil you want to make sure you find the best quality products. Here’s what you want to look for:

  • What’s the concentration of CBD?*
  • Look for the quality of ingredients
  • Amount of oil
  • The flavor of the oil

*It’s imperative that you understand the different levels of CBD in any CBD product. Your dog will react differently based on the concentration of CBD. One should always start with a low concentration. If you find that this doesn’t work, you can consider a higher concentration. Low concentration is between 250-500 mg, High concentration is between 2500-5000 mg.

As you can see, there are many options available to help your dog to improve its nutrition habits.

For example, if your dog is a picky eater you can consider a flavored CBD oil. You can also choose one that doesn’t have a flavor so that it doesn’t deter your dog from their food.

3. CBD Oil for Dogs Might Relax Them

CBD Oil for Dogs Might Relax Them

Another reason why you should consider CBD oil for dogs is to relax them. As we know, one of the biggest reasons for the CBD craze has been due to its use for reducing anxiety.

Do you have a dog that is often hyperactive? Does it get to the point where you worry about controlling your dog? CBD oil is a great option to reduce hyperactivity. Often the hyperactive behavior of a dog is due to heightened anxiety.

This is often the case with puppies and guard dogs. Does your puppy jump around the house at all times? Does your German Shepherd bark every time the doorbell rings? You should consider adding CBD oil to their diet.

For a puppy, you want to opt for a low concentration. You should also consider a lower dosage.

A CBD tincture for dogs usually caters to an adult dog, so you might want to cut the dose in half for your puppy. Pour one-half dose in their water or food once per day or as instructed by the vet.

For an older guard dog, you might want to consider a full dosage. If you find a low concentration doesn’t work for them, then consider a medium or high concentration CBD oil.

What Else to Know About CBD Oil for Dogs

Once you’ve decided to choose CBD oil for your dog, there are a few more factors to know before giving it to them. After you get the green light from your vet, speak to them about the dosage.

While a low dosage is standard, there might be a cause for a higher dosage for your dog.

If your dog has serious ailments such as depression, anxiety, or arthritis you want to see if a higher dose works. If a higher dose doesn’t work, you might want to increase the concentration.

You’ve also got to be aware of potentially harmful side effects. If these occur, you can lower the dosage and concentration of the CBD oil. There’s no need to stop giving CBD oil unless your vet advises you to do so.

When you start giving CBD oil, it’s always best to opt for a flavored oil. Most dogs will be reluctant to try something new.

The flavor of the oil can convince them to give it a taste. You can find bacon or other meat flavors as these are the most popular.

Help Your Dog

Help Your Dog

Now that you know the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, you can choose the right ones for your dog.

Make sure you figure out what ailments your dog has. You can then do your research on the best CBD oil for these ailments.

Start with a low concentration and low dose to get them used to the oil. Once they become accustomed to CBD oil, you can increase the dose and concentration. You can then give them CBD dog treats as a complement to CBD oil.

Please share this guide with other dog owners. You can find more great tips on looking after your pets on our website.

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