Addiction is a complex issue, affecting more than 23.1 million American adults every year. Addiction not only ravages the lives of those with the affliction but the lives of their loved ones. In families, children of addicts may find themselves taking on adult responsibilities and behaving in a way that is not age appropriate to compensate for their parent’s inability to manage the household effectively. Neighbors, friends, and co-workers may also be affected by an individual’s drug or alcohol abuse because those who suffer from addiction are frequently unreliable. Friends especially may find themselves estranged from their addicted loved one if they refuse to help financially or if they try to intervene. 

Of course, as addicted individuals become isolated from their friends and family because of their addiction, they are likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety that they’ll be tempted to self-medicate with more substances, continuing the dangerous cycle. Sadly, only about 2.6 million (11.2%) of individuals suffering from addiction are able to receive the effective, lifesaving treatment they need. This is because of a number of factors, ranging from affordability to the outdated nature of residential rehabilitation programs. Luckily, thanks to technology, another, better way, to receive addiction counseling is available. Here are three reasons that you should consider online addiction counseling for yourself or for your loved one. 


If you’re considering addiction counseling, effectiveness is likely a concern. You’ll want to find a treatment plan that works for you while also offering you emotional support (similar to what you’d find in a typical rehab scenario). 

A study conducted by Yale University found that online programs teach strategies to control behavior while also offering interpersonal support have a high success rate. There’s also evidence that those who receive counseling online are more likely to stay in and complete their treatment program. 

This may be because of a number of factors. Firstly, rehab facilities require strict abstinence from day one of treatment. This means that those who are seeking treatment are asked to make a difficult commitment before they’ve even learned to trust their care team. An online recovery coach can help addicted persons feel empowered in their own recovery by giving them the tools they need to take the first steps necessary to giving up substances. 

And online addiction counseling can also be more effective than traditional rehabilitation programs because many people facing addiction feel a deep sense of self-induced shame that prevents them from feeling comfortable seeking treatment in person. Again, online services help them seek treatment without the fear of experiencing the judgement of their peers or care team. 


Traditional forms of addiction treatment are anything but flexible. If you’re a parent or a working adult, setting aside days, weeks, or months for treatment in a residential facility is simply not feasible. Having access to an addiction recovery coach in your back pocket or on computer screen whenever you need gives you the flexibility to check in with your coach for a little extra encouragement. Plus, many online recovery solutions offer videos and podcasts that you can watch/listen to on the go to supplement your recovery process. 


The cost of addiction care leaves many people struggling to make ends meet. In many cases health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of rehabilitation treatment. Armed with that knowledge, traditional care facilities have carte blanche to charge what they want, making them extremely expensive. By comparison, online treatment is frequently free, allowing people of many economic backgrounds to seek safe and effective means of managing and recovering from their addiction.

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