Whether your style is more classic or is completely influenced by trends, we know that there’s nothing more thrilling than finding the perfect shoe to compliment a favorite outfit.

But which shoes do you absolutely have to have in your closet, no matter how you choose to dress?

Read our list of the shoes every woman should own to find out.

1. The Classic Black Pump

Number one on our list of the shoes every woman should own?

The classic black pump.

Whether you’re going for a patent or matte option, the pairing possibilities with black pumps are pretty much endless — and so are the occasions you can wear them.

First date with that hot guy from your 10:00 AM class? Check. Night out with the girls? Check. A funeral? Check. Your office holiday party? Meeting the in-laws? Check.

You get the picture.

2. The Summery Wedge

Whether you can’t get enough of long, flowing dresses or prefer the more fitting look of an Italian day dress, a summery wedge belongs on our list of shoes every woman should own.

It’s the perfect shoe to pair with pretty much everything in your closet, and it’s especially useful when you’re trying to tone down a more formal look.

For a more glam look, try pairing them with a jumpsuit and a pair of oversized hoop earrings.

We know that lots of women have serious trouble finding shoes in the right size. If you have extra small feet, finding wedges, in particular, can be a serious challenge. You need a pair that gives you extra height without overpowering your look.

Check out Pretty Small Shoes size 4 women’s shoes for a whole host of wedges and other options perfect for petite feet.

3. The Biker Boot

Sure, being pretty is fun — but being edgy is even better.

There’s nothing quite like a pair of black biker boots with silver hardware and maybe even some studs to make you feel as cool as Marianne Faithful in The Girl On A Motorcycle.

Not only are biker boots incredibly comfortable (a serious plus if you’re always on your feet) they also give you an extra dose of rockstar confidence.

Don’t believe us?

Try pairing them with a pair of cigarette jeans and a white button-down and see how they completely change a basic outfit into something that lets everyone know you own these streets.

As Nancy Sinatra put it, every girl needs a pair of boots that were made for walking.

What Else Belongs On Our List Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own?

We think we’ve taken care of some of the most important shoes in your closet — however, we’re willing to admit we might have missed something.

Which shoes do you feel like you can’t live without?

Let us know below in the comments section.

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