Working in any industry, there is potential for damage or injury. Even working in the beauty field can have its fair share of accidents from time to time. Whether you work with hair, nails, makeup, or skin, you’re going to want beauty insurance to protect you and your business.

Here are three vital aspects beauty insurance should cover:

  1. Bodily Injury

The beauty industry racks in a whopping $250 billion annually, according to Five Talents. However, the bigger the industry, the greater the chances of injury on the job. In the beauty industry, there are many ways bodily injury could occur: slipping on a wet floor, getting cut with hair scissors, or having an allergic reaction to a beauty product.

With beauty insurance, you can be protected just in case an injury occurs to a third party at your place of work. Even when your salon and practices are safe to the point of strict, this doesn’t mean you’re safe from dealing with any injuries that may happen to clients. Beauty insurance is there to back you up when you need it.

  1. Medical Expenses

Many times, clients at your salon who get a minor injury won’t sue or even ask you to pay for their treatment. They’ll let it slide. But when a minor injury becomes a serious infection or if a minor injury was never minor at all, you may be liable. The worse the injury, the more likely a client will be to sue or ask you to pay up for their medical bills.

Even some of the top employees in the beauty industry, however, may not be able to pay out of pocket to pay for any medical expenses for their injured client. In that case, that’s when beauty insurance helps back you up, to ensure you can get your client’s medical treatment funded and move on from the situation as quickly as you can.

  1. Property Damage

Property damage can happen at a salon at any time. This can be as minor as you accidentally knocking over a bottle of nail polish on your client’s expensive dress. Property damage can also be major such as accidentally catching the salon you’re renting on fire due to poor practice.

In either scenario, a client or tenant can sue you for property damage – and it’s not going to be a pretty situation.

Fortunately, beauty insurance can help cover third-party property damages that may occur on the job. This can not only save you heavy financial costs but can potentially also keep your business reputation from diminishing due to property damage mistakes. It’s better to be safe than sorry, regardless of how long you have been in your field.


With beauty insurance, you can ensure coverage for accidents that occur on the job. It is important to have insurance to protect yourself and your clients. Being in business without protection can land you in a possible lawsuit. Paying now for beauty insurance can have the potential to save you thousands later down the road.

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