When it comes to mens summer fashion this year, think effortlessly cool. When it’s 90 degrees and you’re at your friend’s wedding, that literally means cool.

One of the worst parts about dressing in the men’s summer outfits are that you’re always hot. This is where proper grooming, the right clothes, and bags can make all the difference.

From how to dress to a wedding to how to manscape, we’ve got your men’s urban fashion trends covered this summer.

Mens Summer Fashion Grooming

Grooming in the summer can be quite different than grooming in the winter. Whether you’re grooming your face, shaving your head, or removing unwanted hair in other regions, keeping yourself trimmed can also keep you cool.

mens summer fashion
Men’s Summer Fashion

Finding the right clipper is the key to success when it comes to hair removal. This guide has the best Wahl clippers for all of your grooming needs.

Men’s summer outfits for 2020, it is all about removing some weight. From shaved heads to cleaned up eyebrows and facial hair, the idea is just to keep a little weight off.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings these days can be confusing. While a black-tie wedding is self-explanatory, your buddy’s backyard barbeque can be a little ambiguous.

According to Shutterfly there are a few staple dress codes to follow and others that are a little more unique.

Men’s urban styles for weddings should always include a couple of layers to dress down if needed. This way when the invite says to dress farm chic, you can adjust your layers without feeling over or underdressed.

Trends for this summer include lightweight, relaxed suits, and colored blazers. Leather sneakers also pair nicely for an outdoor or daytime wedding.

Your Go-To Summer Bag

When it comes to carrying all of your stuff, a lightweight cross-body will keep your hands open and your back sweat-free. Back sweat from a backpack isn’t ideal. When you’re riding a crowded train to work or biking, a cross body will take up a lot less space and help keep your temperature down.

The New York Times talks about how the men’s bag is a hot accessory this season. Summer 2020 crossbody trends include leather, utility bags, and bags with a smaller profile.

Everyday Slides

This summer, you need a pair of casual everyday slides. Whether you’re walking the dog, grabbing the mail, or hitting the pool, slides make getting out of the door easy.

Double strapped slides are trending for 2020. Depending on the material, you can wear the same pair around the water or to work. Summer slides can be dressed down or up.

Men’s Summer Outfits for 2020

Mens summer fashion trends for 2020 are all about a relaxed sense of fashion and function. From utility crossbody bags to effortless slides, versatility will remain a staple this summer.

Stay cool this season by keeping up with grooming and sticking to light layers at formal events like weddings.

For more tips and trends, visit the fashion section for the latest in men’s fashion.

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