Did you know that the penalty for stealing somebody’s horse is death by hanging?

That may seem like an extreme punishment, but good luck trying to change the likes of these weird laws in Florida. Most of them were passed for a specific, practical reason – and although things have changed, the law takes its time.

Which means they’re here to stay.

Most of these antique rules are not strongly enforced or widely prosecuted, but information is power. The more you know, the less likely you’ll be to offend.

Stay educated and avoid arrest with this handy guide that dives headfirst into Florida’s crazy history.

15 Weird Florida Laws to Keep in Mind

We’re not gonna lie: the Sunshine State has some questionable rules and weird laws in Florida. Wanna navigate some of those with us so that the next time you’re walking around Hialeah, you don’t get a misdemeanor for strolling?

We thought so. Keep these in mind, residents and tourists!

1. Don’t fart after 6 pm, unless you’re in the comforts of your own home!

Because apparently farting in public after 6 pm is illegal in Florida. We’re scared to hear the story about how this became one of the weird laws in Florida.

Let’s just say, we’re not complaining about this one.

Florida’s not the only one advocating for public decency. Australia engaged in a 2011 fight for flatulence to be illegal in public 24 hours a day. If you can’t control your farting, “go to the toilet instead,” said lawmakers.

2. Don’t nap at the hair salon, ladies

And don’t let them, shop owners!

You know that nice, steady whirring noise from the hair dryer? Don’t let it lull you to sleep. You could be fined, as well as the owner of the salon for allowing you to rest your eyes.

Who’s calling the cops for this stuff? That’s what we wanna know.

3. Not married? You better not live with your partner.

And you better not commit any “lewd acts” either

We’re sure there are quite a few people breaking this law right now, which is one of many weird Florida Laws.

Luckily, we can say that most weird Florida laws cops probably don’t care too much about this one. Dare we say, some may even be committing the same crime right now?

4. All my single ladies! . . . cannot jump out of airplanes on Sundays

Is forging a marriage certificate illegal?  Because we think this Florida law is bogus.  Apparently until recently it was illegal for for single women to skydive on Sunday.   

Single women in weird Florida laws used to potentially face arrest, jail time, or fines if they we caught skydiving on Sundays!  Recently this ridiculous law was struck down.    

5. Don’t forget to shower with your clothes on

Or your bathing suit. Whatever you do, just don’t be naked.

Why? Because it’s illegal, silly! Have you been showering without clothes on this whole time?

We won’t tell.

6. Imitating an animal in the state of Florida is illegal

Where are all the cops on Halloween? We’ve seen more than a few puppies and kitties out there trick-or-treating. . .  This ridiculous Florida law states that It is illegal to imitate an animal in Florida.  

But don’t arrest those kiddos, please. Let ’em have fun.

7. Living in Tampa Bay? We hope you’ve never tried to eat cottage cheese after 6 pm on a Sunday

What does Florida have against the hours of 6pm-12pm on Sundays!?  Apparently it is against the law to eat cottage cheese in Tampa FL after 6pm.  

Whatever you do, we recommend staying home during these hours. It sounds safest.

8. Oakland, Florida has officially banned gossiping

Attending high school in Oakland? Life just got so much easier because it is illegal to gossip in Oakland Florida.  

9. Termite farms are prohibited in Miami

Coming in at 9 on our list of weird Florida laws is another law that no one’s complaining about.  It is illegal to have a termite farm in Miami Florida.  

(Guilty of this offense? Contact Grieco Law Center to get you off the hook. . . and back in the good graces of your neighbors.)

10. Don’t park your elephant in a handicapped spot.

Don’t forget to pay proper parking fees when parking your elephant.

At least while you’re in Sarasota, this is #10 on our list of weird Florida laws.  It is illegal to park an elephant at a parking meter without paying the meter.

And should we say “parked”? Not sure what you call leaving your elephant unattended and tied up in a space typically designated for motor vehicles.

Hey, we didn’t write these rules. We’re just dealing with them. My elephant has a slew of unpaid parking tickets!

11. Attention skaters: did you know it’s illegal to skateboard without a proper skateboarding license?

Luckily, the cops don’t seem to be too strict about this one, either. We’ve seen many a group of skaters crushing stair sets downtown, but it is illegal in Florida to skateboard without a license

Keep it low-key and you should be good. The more respectful you are, the less likely you’ll bother other civilians with number 11 on our list of weird laws in Florida.

12. Resist the urge: don’t kiss your wife’s breasts in public

We don’t care how romantic your dinner was! We don’t care how fun your date was! We don’t care that it’s your 25-year anniversary, it is illegal to kiss your wife’s breasts in Florida.

Keep your mouth away from those breasts until you get home.

(And definitely, whatever you do, don’t kiss them in public after 6 pm on a Sunday.)

13. It’s illegal to sell your kids in Florida.

As it should be, we think.  If you’re in the market to buy or sell kids, you’re going to end up in jail, because it is against the law to buy or sell children in Florida.

Lemonade stands? Garage sales? Florida loves those.

Just don’t put your kids up for sale; they’re priceless and this is the Florida weird laws.

14. Thinking about singing karaoke on the beach with your friends? Well, don’t.

Not unless you want to be subject to fines or arrest. No matter where you are, the combination of karaoke and bathing suits is illegal, because it is illegal to sing karaoke on the beach in Florida.  Cover up, or get inside your nearest karaoke bar, before a cop sees you!

15. Don’t have sex with a porcupine.

And definitely don’t dress up like one, either.

Engaging in sexual activity with these spiky creatures has been banned in the state of Florida.

So hang up your porcupine costume (also illegal) and check in to the nearest mental hospital, because you just tried to have sex with an animal.

Stay Informed About Weird Laws in Florida, Stay Out of Jail

Believe it or not, this list isn’t all-inclusive.

That’s right: there’s more, and there’s weirder. Like when the fashion police arrested that guy in his tube-top dress; what does his arrest record say, exactly?

We can’t get mad at the Sunshine State, though. Other states have their fair share of strange, dumb, unfair or Florida weird laws. Unfortunately, it’s just as hard to repeal them as it is to enact them in the first place.

We’re confident that you obey most of these weird laws in Florida. And if you don’t, we’re sure you have a really interesting story to tell.

Think we missed any good ones? Let us know! And explore our website to know more information about law.

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