Over 88% of business cards get thrown out within one week. In other words, you could take a significant portion of your business card budget and save yourself some time and hassle by throwing it straight in the trash.

That’s not good for business.

So how do you keep your unique business cards out of the bin? It might come down to simple design factors, such as the shape, color, and material of your card.

We’ll take a look at some of the most creative business card ideas below to give you some inspiration.

Let’s dive in!

1. Curve the Corners

Curving the corners of your business cards is a small change that can make your cards stand out in a big way.

Curved corners give your design a sleeker and more premium look. These corners will tell your customers you pay attention to even the smallest details.

On a more practical side, curved corners help keep the card from bending or denting. This means they’ll last longer, and you won’t have to worry about potentially sharp edges.

2. Make It Something People Can Use

If you want to keep your business cards out of people’s trash cans, consider making them something they can use.


If you run a cheese business, turn your business card into a miniature but useable-cheesegrater with your information printed on the top. Nurseries or other plant-based companies can put their business card information on a small seed packet.

Get creative, but don’t go overboard.

Your business card should stay small and skinny enough to fit inside people’s wallets.

3. Be Creative with the Back

Your business cards have two sides, so don’t focus all your attention on the front.

Keep the key features on the front. On the back, include less important information or design elements. For example, you start a design on the front of your business cards and have it loop around and finish in the back.

This will keep both sides interesting and engaging.

4. Create More Than One Design

Creating multiple different business card designs is a creative and engaging option if you have a flexible budget.

Here’s how it works.

Come up with a few different design options to display during a trade show or other business event. Then let anyone who visits your booth choose the card design they like the best. This will involve anyone who visits your booth and allows them to feel more connected to your company.

Having multiple designs is a great option for artists because it gives you a way to show off more of your work.

5. Use Colors to Stand Out

Business cards that stick to basic colors (like black and white) can be boring, and boring cards won’t catch anyone’s attention.

While there’s a time and place for black and white business cards, spend some time experimenting with bright, noticeable colors. Make sure you pick colors that match your brand’s personality. This might require you to learn a bit of color psychology.

For example, the color blue inspires loyalty, dependability, and trust. That’s why many banks use blue as their primary color. Choosing the right color for your brand can make a big impact.

One of the best color tricks for business cards is coloring the rims. This will both give your cards a cool effect and make them stand out from the competition.

6. Print on Unconventional Materials

When it comes to business cards, you aren’t limited to paper. You can make your business cards out of a variety of materials. And if it fits your brand, printing on unconventional materials is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention.

Here are a few ideas you can work with:

Many manufacturers, including this company, can even make your business card out of metal.

7. Add an Image That Shows What You Do

Your business card doesn’t have to include words and words only. In fact, adding a good image can take your business card to the next level.

But don’t just throw an image on your cards because you think it looks nice. Make sure the image you choose reflects what your company does.

Again, this is a great option for artists and other image-based professionals, like photographers.

An image like this will tell anyone who looks at your card who you are and what you do with a single glance.

8. Incorporate Textured Effects

Your business cards are a physical medium. Because of this, you should let people feel as well as see it.

There are several ways you can add textured effects to your business cards. You can have your cards letterpressed or do some foiling. If you want something a little more high-end, you can choose to get your cards lasered instead.

This is a creative way to give your user another way to engage with your business cards.

9. Go Minimalistic

Putting color and images on your business cards might be a great fit for some companies. But overcrowding your business card can also be the thing that kills it.

If you’re not one for loud colors or designs, stick to a minimalistic style instead.

This can give your business cards a clean and professional feel. It also leaves a lot of white space on your cards, which can be a good thing. Not only does white space help your other design elements stand out, but it also gives people blank areas to write notes or phone numbers.

10. Turn It into a Sticker

People like stickers.

If you create business cards full of creativity, personality, and amazing visuals and turn it into a sticker, people will want to put it somewhere. Your business card stickers could end up anywhere from water bottles to computers.

And people who get one of your business card stickers won’t forget your company any time soon.


Because they see your sticker every day.

Stickers are an affordable option, and they also provide several marketing benefits you shouldn’t ignore.

11. Change the Shape

Trying to find a way to make your business cards different from all the other cards out there?

Change the shape.

You don’t have to reinvent your entire business card to pull this off. A small change (even something as small as curved corners), can be enough to make your business cards stand out.

But here are a few other creative ideas.

Does your company bake cookies? Carve the shape of teeth into the side of your cards to make it look like someone took a bite. Does your company have anything to do with fire? Make it look like a small portion of your business card has been burned off.

These effects are small, but they can make your business cards more unique.

12. Make It a Flashdrive

Does your company work with computers or data backup? Turn your business card into a flash drive. Just add your information to a normal flash drive or add a small flash drive to your card.

You can guarantee people will use a flash drive, and every time they plug it into their computer, they’ll see your brand.

Worried about it being too bulky?

There are many types of flash drive business card designs out there, some of which are nearly as thin as a normal business card.

13. Stamp Your Business Card

Turning your business cards into a stamp is unconventional, but it’s growing in popularity. It gives off a DIY feel, which is a market that’s growing bigger and bigger every year.

A stamped business card also looks aesthetically pleasing.

By having a business card stamp, you can put your company information on anything. This means you can stamp your info on napkins, normal paper, cards, and more.

14. Keep It Transparent

A transparent business card is interesting, and it’s something people don’t come across very often. Because of this, people can be drawn to your business cards.

Of course, your entire card can’t be transparent. If people can’t read your information, the card isn’t doing you any good.

Instead, keep the background transparent. Any information or image you put on the card should be solid. This will help the important components stand out.

15. Add a Location Map

Does your company have a lot of different locations spread throughout the US? You can add a location map to your business card so people know where they can find you.

This is a good choice for companies who require customers to visit them in person.

Besides, people love to look at maps.

Don’t get too caught up in the map feature though. It doesn’t have to be exact or specific. Instead, show your company’s general locations and include an address.

Creating Unique Business Cards

Unique business cards will be kept. Boring business cards will be tossed. Don’t let yourself fall into the second category.

Spend some time playing with the shape, color, and material of your business cards. A great u business card will both stay true to your brand and stand out from the competition.

Not sure why your business brand is important?

Click here to read about some of the benefits of branding your business.

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