You know Uno! This fast and frenzied card game has been a family favorite for over four decades now. Featuring a balanced mix of gentle strategy and chance, it’s entertaining for all ages and can be played by anything from 2 to 10 players, though a second deck is needed for games with 6 or more. But this game not just a feast of fun – it also helps develop kids’ counting, matching, dexterity, critical thinking, and social interaction.

The game’s name may mean one, but thanks to its enormous success, there are a lot more than one version out there! Here are 15 of the best editions of this cool card classic!

15 Best Uno Games

1. Uno Royal Revenge

Step into the king’s court for a game of Uno Royal Revenge! Autocracy rules in this awesome edition. Only a king can wear the crown, choose the house jester, and control the King’s Choice and wild cards. What’s more, one poor soul must don the jester’s hat and accept the punishment whenever a jester’s card is played. But don’t get too comfortable – when the scepter plays the royal fanfare, the crown is passed clockwise – and revenge can be served!


2. Uno Moo!

Uno Moo! is a funny farmyard edition for preschoolers. Instead of matching cards and placing them in a pile, little hands pair finger-friendly animal figurines and push them through the barn door and into the storage box. When you’re down to your last animal, don’t forget to shout, “Moo!”


3. Uno Retro Edition

Get that throwback 1970s feel with this retro set. With the Retro Edition of the game, both box and cards are faithful to the original design of yesteryear. Groovy!


4. Uno Dare

It’s the classic card game you know, but with a daring twist. With this edition, instead of drawing extra cards, you can opt for a challenge – you may have to show off your best dance moves or talk like a pirate until the next round. There are 48 dares in all, falling into three categories: Family, Show-Off, and Daredevil. You can even write your own. Why not give it a try – if you dare!


5. Uno Blast

Uno Blast is an explosive, adrenaline-filled version of the game. Rather than taking extra cards into your hands, you must place them in the slots on the Blast Unit. Most of the slots are safe, but beware – one is rigged to blow. And when it does… BOOM!! You’ll have to pick up all the cards it shoots out. Trust me – this game is a real blast!


6. My First Uno: Thomas and Friends

This jumbo-sized set for junior players is ideal for preschoolers. Available in many designs, including Thomas and Friends, Spongebob Squarepants, Winnie the Pooh, Octonauts, and Disney’s Sofia the First.


7. Uno Splash

Card games are great fun, but they can get ruined by a spilled drink, and you can’t play by the pool. Uno Splash solves these problems with its durable, waterproof deck. Perfect for camping or trips to the beach, it’s well worth splashing out on!


8. Uno Spin

This fast-paced edition is a great variation on a timeless classic. With Uno Spin, whenever you play a special card, the next player must spin the wheel and see if Fortune smiles on them! Will they have to discard some cards, pick up more, start a Spin Race, or go to war? With more twists and turns than a corkscrew, this game is perfect for parties or family evenings in.


9. Uno Disney’s Frozen Edition

Disney’s Frozen was a massive success, and most kids can’t seem to let it go! For the first time in forever, Mattel has released a version of the game based on adventures of Elsa, Olaf, and co. The Disney’s Frozen Edition’s beautifully designed cards bring the characters you know and love quite literally to the table, and Olaf’s Summertime Cards add a new element to the gameplay. It’s perfect for playing on a cold winter’s day!


10. Uno Wild Jackpot

It’s the wildest version on the market! A game of Uno Wild Jackpot starts with players writing their own house rules on the 8 rule cards. These cards are then loaded into the Wild Roller. Whenever a Wild Roller card is played, you’ll have to pull the lever and hope for the best. If you’re looking for an imaginative, zany, suspenseful card game, you’ve just hit the jackpot!


11. Uno Roboto

Change the game mechanics with Uno Roboto! Players start by recording their names (or funny nicknames!) and any house rules that they want to add. At random points in the game, our cute little robotic friend will suddenly call out a rule for one, two, or all of the players to follow. These unpredictable additions make for a madcap night of family fun!


12. Uno Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory Edition

For lovers of the deep-sea adventurers, the Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory Edition is a guaranteed hit! The cards are gorgeous, and the fun is off the scales!


13. Uno Tiki Twist

Add a Polynesian twist to your game with Uno Tiki Twist! Place Tiki Action cards in the Tiki idol, and give him a spin. The Tiki idol can be cruel or kind, but whoever he points at must follow his commands! The only predictable thing about this game is how much fun you’ll have playing it!


14. Uno Original Edition

You can’t go wrong with the bestselling Original Edition! The basic game now comes with a modern design and customizable wild cards.


15. Uno USA

Celebrate the Stars and Stripes with this awesome American deck! This special USA edition includes a patriotic design, and what’s more, it’s made in the USA. Perfect for playing on the Fourth of July, or for anyone who loves their country.


Do you have a favorite edition? Have you played any of these versions? Let us know in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Alexandra Taco.

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