Big kids and little kids love to play with toy tow trucks. Just like you did when you were knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s great fun pushing around a toy truck in the dirt, picking up mud and stones, and pretending to rescue other stricken vehicles.

Toy tow trucks are not just good fun to play with, however. They are also a useful toy from an educational perspective. Playing with small vehicles is good for small hands. Children can improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play. It’s also a useful way of encouraging your kids to spend some quality time outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine. Give them a sandpit and a pile of toy cars and trucks, and they will be happy as a pig in mud.

Independent play is important for all younger children, but then so is learning to share one’s toys. Children soon learn the art of cooperation when they have to share their toy tow trucks with friends. Their educational and social development is boosted in the process.

We love toy tow trucks and think they should be a staple part of every child’s younger years, so here are our recommendations:

The Top Toy Tow Trucks for Kids

1. Tonka Steel Retro Tow Truck

Tonka Steel Retro Tow Truck

If you had a toy tow truck as a kid, I bet it was a Tonka toy. Tonka is a trusted brand and their toys are exceedingly sturdy. The Tonka steel retro tow truck is no exception. It’s a nice bright yellow color. The truck is not too big for younger kids and should tow anything.

2. Dickie Toys Air Pump Action Tow Truck

Dickie Toys Air Pump Action Tow Truck

The 21” air pump action tow truck from Dickie Toys is a top choice for kids. The truck has a super cool pneumatic winch, so toys can be lifted up and transported back to the garage immediately. Young car enthusiasts will have a ball playing with this hyper-realistic tow truck.

3. WolVol Wrecker Tow Truck Police Toy

WolVol Wrecker Tow Truck Police Toy

The WolVol Wrecker police tow truck is a friction-powered toy. It comes with a striking police paint job and fake lights, plus two adjustable strings to pull a car. Unlike other toy tow trucks this one doesn’t need batteries, which is a bonus for cash-strapped parents.

4. Bruder Man Tga Tow Truck with Cross Country Vehicle

Bruder Man Tga Tow Truck with Cross Country Vehicle

The Bruder Man Tga tow truck comes equipped with a cross-country vehicle for your child to rescue from some imaginary peril. The toy is manufactured from high-quality plastics and is made in Germany. An extra ‘light and sound’ component is available separately.

5. Wader Basics Tow Truck

Wader Basics Tow Truck

The Wader Basics tow truck is, as the name suggests, a fantastic first tow truck for toddlers and pre-school children. The toy is made from tough, brightly colored UV resistant plastic, so it can be used outdoors as well as in the home. It is also very easy to clean, even after being used in the mud.

6. Kinsmart 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up Tow Truck

Kinsmart 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up Tow Truck

This toy is a 1:32 scale replica of a 1955 Chevy Stepside pick-up police tow truck, so it is as likely to appeal to dads and grandads as it is to kids. The toy looks just like the real thing. It has a black and white paint job, the doors open, and the towline has a pullback action.

7. Set of 4 Tow Trucks from Small Car

Set of 4 Tow Trucks from Small Car

Why buy one toy tow truck when you can have a set of four? The Small Car set of four 1:38 scale 5” 1953 Chevy 3100 wrecker tow trucks is perfect for older kids aged 8 years and above. Each truck is made from die-cast metal and is officially licensed by GM. They are all different colors with opening doors and a pullback action.

8. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Tow Truck

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Tow Truck

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Tow Truck is a fun educational toy for younger children. It helps to teach toddlers and preschoolers the letter ‘T’, whilst encouraging imaginative play. Children can sing along to the melodies and listen to 40 unique phrases when they press the light-up driver button. Three AAA batteries are included.

9. Maisto Sons of Anarchy Tow Truck Die-cast Vehicle

Maisto Sons of Anarchy Tow Truck Die-cast Vehicle

The Maisto Sons of Anarchy tow truck is a 1:24 scale replica made from tough die-cast metal. The interior of the truck is nicely detailed, with an articulated boom and opening doors. It’s great for imaginative play if your child wants a stylish tow truck for the yard.

10. Jada Toys Fast & Furious Flatbed Tow Truck

Jada Toys Fast & Furious Flatbed Tow Truck

Older kids, particularly those that love the Fast & Furious franchise, will enjoy playing with the Jada Toys Fast & Furious flatbed tow truck. It is decorated with Fast & Furious move graphics and has a detailed interior. The truck’s hood opens up, as do the doors. Kids can load up the truck and speed off to their next destination.

11. Disney Pixar Cars – Mater

Disney Pixar Cars 2015 Radiator Springs Die-cast Vehicle

Most kids love the Disney Cars movie, so they will be very excited to play with a real life Mater tow truck. It is a 1:55 scale model made from die-cast metal. This cute little toy tow truck has super realistic grilles and wheels, so it looks really authentic. If your child collects Disney/Pixar Cars vehicles, this is a great addition to the collection!

12. Playskool Play Favorites Rumbling Tow Truck

Playskool Play Favorites Rumbling Tow Truck

The Playskool Play Favorites Rumbling Tow Truck is sure to become a fast favorite for your child. This is a lovely, colorful little toy tow truck that’s perfect for small hands. It makes a fun rrrr-rumbling sound when the tow hook is pulled, which kids will adore.

13. LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck


Toy tow trucks are always fun, but building one from scratch is even more entertaining. This LEGO DUPLO tow truck set includes a buildable car and tow truck with a hook. There is also a garage turntable, petrol pump, toolbox brick and other cute accessories to encourage imaginative play.

Let us know in the comments if your kids have their own favorite toy tow trucks – we’d love to hear

Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, SGPhotography77.

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