What if you could help someone overcome their addiction? Or make a difference in a child’s life? Choosing a career where you make a difference in the world is fulfilling and worth more than money.

If you want to make a difference in the world, you’ve got to start with the right degree program.

We’ve gathered 12 great options for jobs that help people.

1. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

As a substance abuse counselor, you’ll be helping people who are suffering from their addiction to alcohol or drugs. Although people may be addicted to anything.

You will be working with patients in an intimate one on one setting or in larger groups. You will help patients set a treatment plan and goals for their recovery.

The main focus is to help them rebuild personal relationships with family and professional relationships that may have been damaged by their addiction. Along with this, you’ll teach healthy habits to handle their addiction triggers.

Many counselors have their own practice or work in a hospital environment. You may also work in a recovery center or halfway house.

You will need a bachelors degree and hours of clinical experience. Most states also require a license to practice.

You may be able to take a college program specifically targetted for addiction counseling. The other option is the major is psychology or sociology with a concentration in addiction.

2. Mental Health Counselor

Many people suffer from depression or anxiety and as a mental health counselor, you’ll be able to provide support and assistance. You will be responsible for assessing their needs and providing advice for treatment.

You could have your own practice or work in a government building such as a school or prison. As part of prison reform, many are now employing mental health counselors to assist in the adjustment to prison life.

You must obtain a master’s degree and have hours of clinical experience. Your state will also require you to be licensed.

While salaries vary, the average rate home pay for a mental health counselor is around $43,000.

You’ll be able to find mental health counseling programs offered. Most schools will offer concentrations within the program for addiction, geriatric, holistic, marriage, and family. or trauma.

3. Social and Community Services Manager

If you are interested in careers that help the community as a whole then you should consider a program that teaches how to become a community services manager. You’ll be responsible for running programs that help everyone.

Usually, community managers work for nonprofits. You could also work for a nursing home or government entity.

Your responsibilities will include analyzing the data from current programs for successfulness. You’ll write proposals for grants for future projects.

You’ll be responsible for organizing a team to put proposed programs into action. With all of the responsibility, you’ll have you will need a master’s degree.

It may be difficult to find a specific program title community manager. Aim to take a mix of courses that will support your career such as marketing, writing, ecology, and psychology.

4. Interpreter and Translator

As an interpreter or translator, you’ll be in one of the jobs where you help people with communication between people from different cultures and parts of the world. You could work almost anywhere and may even decide to work independently.

Interpreters may be utilized in community centers such as schools or hospitals. You will also commonly see them in courtrooms.

You could be hired by a corporation that is doing business in a foreign country. The government employs interpreters to travel with politicians to foster foreign relations.

To be successful you must be fluent in two languages. It will also help to obtain a bachelors degree.

Translating isn’t just speaking two languages. You could become a translator for the hearing impaired through sign language.

It usually best to have a degree in one of the languages that you are fluent in. You’ll then want to get certified in the languages.

5. High School Teacher

Imagine being able to help shape the minds of the future generation. Becoming a high school teacher is one of those jobs that help the world as a whole.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and choose an area of expertise. It may also help you to learn the difference betweenΒ a PhD and EdD as earning an advanced degree can help you further your career.

Salaries for high school teachers can vary greatly throughout the country. The median salary though is about $60,000.

Many schools offering programs in teaching. You can then have a concentration in the area you intend to teach such as English, science, or history.

6. Dietitian and Nutritionist

Obesity is a widespread health issue these days and you can help combat it by becoming a dietician and nutritionist. You will be helping clients assess their needs, develop a healthy plan, and educate them on making smart food choices for losing weight.

You have a variety of options on where you practice. You could be in a hospital, government agency, nursing home, or your own independent practice.

You will need a bachelors degree, and you’ll need to check if your state requires licensing. Depending on where you decide to practice you could make $60,000 a year as a nutritionist.

Look for a degree program in the health-related field. Programs that lend well to becoming a nutritionist are food science, dietetics, nutrition, biology, microbiology, chemistry, anatomy, and psychology.

7. Child and Family Social Worker

As a social worker, you’ll be helping children who are at risk. These families need assistance with supporting their children with food, housing, and care.

Often these children are in unhealthy home situations and may be abused. You only need a bachelors degree but many people go on to obtain their masters.

Once you obtain your degree you’ll need to be licensed. Salaries for social workers are in the range of $45,000

Look into obtaining a degree in psychology, sociology, or related field. Some schools offer a bachelors of social work.

8. Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapists will listen to their clients and help them communicate more effectively. This will help issues to be addressed in a healthy manner so conflicts may be resolved.

As a therapist, you’ll listen to people’s thoughts, experiences, and feelings. You’ll then help your clients work through the topics to help them make a positive decision.

Many therapists work independently in their own practice. You may also work for a healthcare provider or government agency.

To be a qualified therapist you’ll need a master’s degree and licensing. You can expect to make a salary around $48,000.

You will find that like many of the other counselor positions on this list, marriage, and family is a concentration of your degree. You could also obtain a psychology or sociology degree.

9. Speech Language Pathologist

How rewarding would it be to help someone be able to communicate more effectively? As a speech-language pathologist, you’ll assess and treat those with communication and swallowing complications.

These issues could be from birth or caused by an accident. Usually, the adults you assist will be learning to adapt from injuries.

You will need to obtain a master’s degree and most states require you to have a license. You can expect a salary of about $76,000.

The program of study you will be in is called speech-language pathology. First, you will study at the bachelor level and then on to masters and doctors.

10. Nurse Midwife

To be a nurse midwife you’ll need a masters degree and then licensing. Once you become a nurse midwife you’ll be helping women bring their babies into the world.

You’ll give exams and provide pre-birth care. Once the baby is born you’ll help new parents learn about the health needs of their children.

Your career could be in a hospital or a private doctor’s office. Once established in your career you can expect an annual salary of around $100,000.

To be a nurse midwife you’ll need to go through an advanced practice nursing program. This is considered a graduate level degree.

11. Lawyer

Different legal studies programs are offered that are geared towards those who want to go into public interest work. You will learn about general legal theories and practices while in school.

Upon graduating you can choose to represent individuals or public interest organizations. The salary you can expect will vary greatly depending on what area of law you practice.

You will first obtain a bachelor’s degree. Then you will attend a law school where upon graduating you will pass the bar exam of your state.

12. Pediatrician

You will need to get a medical degree to become a pediatrician. You will be able to provide medical care to children.

Pediatricians care for youths from infancy to adulthood. You’ll be diagnosing ailments like ear infections, poison ivy, and bumps or bruises.

Pediatricians get the pleasure of charting their patient’s growth and development. You can expect to earn a median salary of around $230,000.

To be a pediatrician you will first obtain a bachelors degree. Then you will go to medical school and complete your residency.

Jobs That Help People

It’s great that you want to make a difference in the world by looking at jobs that help people. The first step is deciding what area you are passionate about.

You may want to help people mentally by becoming one of the counselors we’ve mentioned. Or maybe you want to help the community as a whole.

If you are willing to put in the time for schooling maybe a lawyer or doctor is the path for you. If children are your passion maybe teaching or pediatrician is your calling.Β  If you’re interested in exploring new cultures and meeting new people from different countries you could consider the CEA Study Abroad program.Β 

Be prepared for the program of your choice with these tips on how to get good grades.

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