ZZ Top definitely knew what they were talking about when they said: “…every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”

Yes indeed, women love a man who knows how to dress. And a luxury watch is the perfect and cool watches for men accessory to complete any future fashion statement.

No matter what style you’re trying to achieve, there are cool watches to match any style and any occasion.

Cool Watches for Men to Wear

In this article, we take a look at some of the best men’s watches for 2020. As you’ll see the cool watches for men, this is a great year for timepieces. Beautiful, timeless, rugged, masculine, sexy…there’s something in this list for everyone.

Keep reading to discover the best watch brands for men that will help take your style game to the next level. Get the reasons why wearing a watch is coming back in style.

1. Breitling

Breitling has been under new corporate leadership since 2017 and has made an impact on the industry with new celebrity brand ambassadors such as Brad Pitt.

One of their most popular cool watches for men is the Navitmer 8 Super 8 B20, a timepiece modeled after the classic watch bomber pilots once strapped to their thighs during wartime.

2. Corum

Few watches on the market are as sporty and masculine in appearance as the Bubble line of Corum timepieces.

The Admiral AC-One 45 Tides sailing watch is a thing of beauty. Powered by a mechanical movement that displays the strength of sea currents, the lunar cycle, and the height of tides, this watch is as functional as it is stunning to look at.

3. Glashütte Original

Here is a brand designed for the man looking for that special combination of class, style, and simplicity.

This is especially true of the Senator Cosmopolite watch. This beauty displays two time zones and is encased in 44mm steel.

You can rest assured that any gentleman wearing the Senator Cosmopolite will look every bit at home on the prow of his yacht as he will in the board room.

4. Hermes

Few would disagree that Hermes stands tall among the ultra-luxury brands of watchmakers of the world.

There is no finer example of their mastery of design than the Carré H. This is the jewel of the line.

After eight years as a top seller for the company, it has now received the special attention of its original creator Marc Berthier for a refresh. The results are spectacular.

5. Audemars Piguet

Founded in 1875, AP watches still rank among the top luxury timepieces found anywhere. In fact, they are responsible for some of the best luxury sports watches ever produced.

AP’s most popular model, Royal Oak, was first brought to the worlds attention in 1972. It still reigns supreme today among even the most discerning collectors.

6. IWC

Over the decades, IWC has designed some of the most popular and timeless watches on the market. 2018 saw the introduction of 27 special editions watches, each destined to be classic.

One of these 27, the Tribute To Pallweber, features a system of rotating, numbered discs that display the hours and minutes through a pair of windows, while the seconds tick away at the six o’clock position.

7. Montblanc

It’s certainly not difficult to understand why Montblanc is making such a big splash in recent years. With new creative director Davide Cerrato calling the shots on design, the company has gone through a bit of a renaissance.

A prime example of this is the 1858 Geosphere. This watch features an ingenious world time mechanism, a compass bezel, and a rugged leather strap to complete the vintage vibe.

8. Nixon

Nixon is a sports watchmaker that has taken full advantage of their new collaboration with artist Andy Davis. The result is a series of limited-edition funky watch designs that look both retro and cutting-edge.

Davis, known for his modernist surf-inspired art, has combined brightly colored 42mm cases that are “tough as nails” with a display that comes programmed with tide and sunrise/sunset data for surf locations around the globe.

9. Omega

Omega still stands tall among luxury sport watchmakers.

In fact, the Omega Speedmaster has been one of the most prized timepieces among collectors and sportsmen for decades.

Now the company has created a special edition Speedmaster that is a reincarnation of the 1959 Speedmaster CK2998. This watch is designed with a white dial and black counters, along with a 39.7mm case, manually wound movement, and a pulsometer bezel.

10. Rolex

Rolex is a watch brand that needs no introduction. After all, this cool watches for men is a watch that has been worn by the rich and famous for decades, including celebrities and royalty alike.

The annual introduction of new Rolex models is always a treat. And 2019 is certainly no disappointment.

Included in the new collection are the Cosmograph Daytona “Rainbow” and the stainless-steel “Pepsi” GMT-Master II; the latter of which features the famous red-and-blue bezel that makes its return nearly tens years after vanishing.

11. Shinola

Shinola is a company famous for producing a number of different types of products and making each of them very well. And yet their stand-out product appears to be their watches.

A perfect example of their mastery of watch design is the 43mm Canfield chronograph. This watch has a great look, featuring a “coin edge”, pink-gold PVD case, and a bronze dial. This is a high-quality vintage-looking watch that you can own without fear of going broke.

12. TAG Heuer

No list of the finest men’s watches for 2019 would be complete without including the latest offering from TAG Heuer.

This watchmaker decided to do something special for the new year by offering a 55th-anniversary edition Carrera. This watch features a dark-blue ceramic case and matching bezel, along with blue-tinted movement components.

Cool Watches for the Coolest Men in the World

There is just something about the look and feel of an amazing watch that is hard to surpass.

This list of cool watches for men features some of the best luxury timepieces in the world. To own one of these beauties is to own a work of extraordinary design and engineering.

Never forget that the watch you wear speaks volumes about who you are, what you represent, and what you want out of life.Click here to see 8 reasons why wearing a watch is coming back in style.

Stay connect and get more fashion ideas for men and women from here.

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