Toy semi trucks are great for hours of play and require little more than your childā€™s imagination to power them. Whether theyā€™re playing with a single truck or an entire fleet, or working in a sand box construction site, youngsters love to move these trucks around and load and unload them. Toy semi trucks come in a variety of sizes, can be realistic or not, and can have lights and sounds or none at all. As long as they are age appropriate, they can provide unlimited fun and encourage children to move around as they play.

Toy Semi Trucks to Engage

1.Ā Bruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader Backhoe

Featuring the classic Mack truck, theĀ Bruder Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader BackhoeĀ is two toys in one! The 1:16 scale semi truck pulls a flat bed trailer with a backhoe, and both construction toys can be played with individually or separately. These two toys will fit perfectly in any youngsters construction site, outdoors or indoors. Fully playable, the truck and detachable trailer have a fifth wheel hitch, removable side gates, fold-down ramps held by chains to unhook, folding mirrors, opening doors, a folding support bar, a locking device, and a tilting cab with viewable engine underneath. The included JCB Backhoe Loader has a fully-functional front loader and backhoe that moves up and down and swings side to side.

2. Big Farm Peterbilt Model 367 Vehicle With Grain Trailer

TheĀ Ertl Big Farm Peterbilt Model 367 Vehicle With Grain TrailerĀ is a detailed scale model of a truck and grain trailer, but as toy semi trucks should be, itā€™s durable enough to withstand plenty of play, both indoors and out. Ertl is a well-known and trusted manufacturer of high-quality plastic toy vehicles. This truck has lots of realistic details includingĀ opening doors, movable mirrors, and an extra set of wheels.

3.Ā Kenworth Livestock Tractor Trailer with 10 Head of Cattle

TheĀ Country Life ā€“ Kenworth Livestock Tractor Trailer with 10 Head of CattleĀ is approximately 17 inches long, and itā€™s designed to transport the ten included cows. This truck is certain to add fun and playability to any young truck enthusiastā€™s highway, farm, or trucking fleet. Combine it with a farm playset for even more fun!

4.Ā WolVol Boys Container Trailer with Light and Sound

Even though theĀ WolVol Boys Container Trailer with Light and SoundĀ has ā€œboysā€ in the name, semi truck toys arenā€™t just for boys! Thereā€™s no reason little girls wonā€™t love playing with all of these toy trucks. This truck is a little on the small side, but itā€™s still lots of fun. It has a die-cast front end and a plastic trailer decorated with colorful fruits; the truck and trailer can be detached and played with separately. It comes with an already installed battery to power the fun lights and sounds.

5.Ā Hot Wheels City Blastinā€™ Rig

Hot Wheels and toy semi trucks play together perfectly with theĀ Hot Wheels City Blastinā€™ Rig. This cool truck hauls up to 14 Hot Wheels cars or any other junk cars and equipment that require transport. It has as built-in, kid powered launcher to get the races started. It comes with three Hot Wheels vehicles.

6.Ā 1:32 Scale Kenworth W900 Double Belly Dump Truck Semi Truck Trailer

TheĀ New Ray Toys 1:32 Scale Kenworth W900 Double Belly Dump Truck Semi Truck TrailerĀ features a bright red semi truck and two cool dump trailers. The truck and trailers are primarily die cast with some plastic parts. This is the perfect truck for transporting sand and dirt and is a great addition to any toy trucking fleet.

7.Ā Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Zig The Big Rig

Designed with children 18 months to five years old in mind, theĀ Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Zig The Big RigĀ is the semi truck toy for the littlest kids. Zig is an engaging an interactive toy with lots of features.Ā Zigā€™s eyes, mouth, ears, and brow move to show his funny expressions. Open the side of the truck and Zig wiggles his ears while encouraging kids to ā€œload ā€™em up, move ā€™em outā€. When crashed into a wall, the truck rolls his eyes and reminds kids that theyā€™re going the ā€œwrong wayā€ or just had a ā€œfender bender.ā€ Zig plays and rolls on carpet or hard floors, has volume control for quiet play, and comes with Roberto the Wheelies race car. Thereā€™s also room for more Wheelies toys like the Little People Wheelies All About Working vehicles.

8.Ā Volvo Toy Truck

ThisĀ Volvo Toy TruckĀ is just like the semi tucks we see on the highways, today. Playable die-cast, it has the features and look of a real truck. Even the doors and trailer open and close. Put a driver in the seat and some cargo in the back and this truck is ready for business.

9.Ā Bruder Toys Man TGA Low Loader Truck With JCB Backhoe Loader

TheĀ Bruder Toys Man TGA Low Loader Truck With JCB Backhoe LoaderĀ is two toys in one. It features a cool, tipping cab semi tractor that reveals the engine when tipped forward. Other details include the clip-on low loader trailer with fifth wheel hitch and loading ramps that fold up and down, as well as a fully functional and playable front shovel excavator with 360 degree swiveling driverā€™s seat.

10.Ā Bruder MB Arocs Construction Truck with Crane and Accessories

TheĀ Bruder MB Arocs Construction Truck with Crane and AccessoriesĀ is a necessity for any imaginary construction site; it even comes with construction workers, a pallet fork, two pallets, and a bucket grabber. This toy semi features a sturdy, true to life design, with a fold-out telescopic loading crane that rotates 360 degrees and can be moved and then locked into place. Open and close the truck doors so the workers can climb in and out and extend the crane to stabilize the vehicle for loading and unloading.

11.Ā Take A Part Super Crane Truck

TheĀ Take A Part Super Crane TruckĀ is a fun semi truck and a puzzle! Kids will love to take it apart and then reassemble using the kid friendly tools. Once itā€™s together, they can play with the truck, rotating crane, and included Ā figurine, road sign, and traffic cones.

Toy semi trucks are a great vehicle (pun intended!) for fun and imaginative play. Tell us about your favorite toy semi trucks in the comment below!

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