Old Glory is a symbol of America and the freedom that she stands for. Americans display their country’s flag with pride in front of their homes or workplaces.

There are several important days to fly the American flag. Do you know which days to display the flag?

Read this short guide to learn 11 important days to display your flag and the proper way to display it.

Key Days to Fly the American Flag

Flags should be displayed most days from sunrise to sunset. You can even leave your flag flying after dark if it properly illuminated. If you are looking for when to fly the American flag the U.S flag code does list some special days to fly the flag.

1. New Year’s Day – January 1st

2. Inauguration Day – Inauguration Day is when the President-elect and Vice President-elect are sworn into office. This day occurs every four years on January 20th.

3. Lincoln’s Birthday – February 12th

4. Washington’s Birthday – the third Monday in February

5. Easter Sunday – The date of Easter changes yearly. Check your calendar for the date of Easter.

6. Armed Forces Day – The third Saturday in May.

7. Memorial Day – The last Monday in May. Fly your flag at half-staff until noon on Memorial day to remember the servicemen and women who have died for our country.

8. Flag Day – June 14th

9. Independence Day – July 4th

10. Labor Day – The first Monday in September.

11. Veterans Day – November 11th

Americans are also encouraged to fly their flag on other flag days proclaimed by the President of the United States, on the birthdate of your state, and on any state holidays.

Proper Flag Etiquette

The American flag is a symbol of our country and should be treated with respect. Follow these do’s and dont’s for proper flag etiquette.


  • On flag flying days if the flag is being displayed from a staff on top of a building, the union should be at the top of the staff (click to learn more about proper flag poles)
  • Always hoist the flag up the staff briskly and remove it ceremoniously at dusk
  • When flying the flag at half-staff raise the flag to the top of the pole and then lower it to half-staff
  • When you are taking it down for the night, raise the flag back up to the top of the pole and then bring it down
  • The American flag should always be displayed at the center above other state flags in a grouping of flags


  • Never display your flag with the stars pointed downward
  • A flag should bever touch anything such as the ground, water, or a wall behind it
  • The American flag should never be used as a cover for a ceiling
  • An American flag should never have anything placed on top of it

Take Pride in Our Country’s Flag

Now you know when to fly the flag. Keep your flag flying high on special days to fly the American flag or any day with nice weather.

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